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March 06, 2011

Permission to Create

While we were learning from Lisa yesterday, we all had a chuckle when Lisa gave us permission to explore our own unique ways of lettering, as she assured us that it's OK to explore ... that the lettering police would not be coming after us.  Lisa Engelbrecht and Jenny Doh It was a chuckle but also a sigh of relief because I think as learners, there is a fear that sometimes prevents us from actually making a mark on paper (or canvas or paper or other substrate) because we fear that we're gonna get caught and ticketed by some authority that says we're not allowed to do that.

So after the class was over, I spent the night doodling with Parallel Pens that Lisa demonstrated for the class. Really terrific pens.

Jenny Doh As I was doodling, I decided that I need to continue practicing and nurturing the strokes that I want to be able to improve and strengthen as I continue to observe, study, and practice.

I think it all has a place ... you know? The importance of studying, of understanging origins, and also jumping from the study and observation and take off the coat of fear and just go for it. To make mistakes, to adjust the angle of the pen, to see how the ink comes out with greater or lesser pressure ... as I strive to make my own unique mark.

Jenny Doh
"The artist is not a different kind of person,
but every person is a different kind of artist."
{Eric Gill}


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These look fabulous, and I love they're so affordable. Even the extra cartridges are a bargain!

Lisa is a wonderful teacher and calligrapher. And the parallel pens are a great tool for calligraphers at every level. They really take the intimidation out of mark making. It sounds like it was a great experience.

Ooooh, I'm a sucker for all kinds of art pens. I'll have to try these!

For some reason, it's sometimes hard to just let go and be ourselves, in in our art. We seem to feel as if we need to fit in and be like other artists, but once we learn to let go, it's much more fun! I've been doing watercolors lately, and once I got started I forgot all about being sick for the past 2 weeks! :)

Love "the coat of fear". Freedom in creativity through learning. Great post. Thanks for sharing and reminding me that it's ok to just "go for it".

I love the heart with the Art Saves in the middle!

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