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June 24, 2011

Korean Language Tutorial :: Sa Rang

Ready for another lesson in Korean?
OK. Let's learn how to write the characters for "love." This is what it looks like (bel0w). Phonetically, you pronounce the characters "sa rang."

Korean Tutorial To make the first character, "sa," make a slightly diagonal line from the very top, and then toward the left. Next, place the pen about a third of the way down from the line and make a diagonal line from that point toward the right.

Korean Tutorial Next, draw a vertical line to the right, and then a small horizontal dash, starting from the middle of the vertical line, toward the right.

korean tutorial OK, now that the first character "sa" is done, it's time to start the second character: "rang." Start by taking the pen and making the first top horizontal line, then a shorter vertical line on the right side. Then make the center horizontal line, and then the shorter vertical line on the left side. And then make the bottom horizontal line.

Korean tutorial

Next, create a longer vertical line and shorter horizontal dash, just like you did for "sa."

Korean Tutorial Finish by placing a circle at the very bottom to complete the "rang."

Korean Tutorial
Check out the tutorial in Studio CRESCENDOh here, to see a cute gift bag that incorporates this "sa rang" label.



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surprisingly, this is one the easiest parts for me about learning the korean language...learning the characters. writing them is such a work of art as well. takes me a while to read it and know very little, but i am working on it. fun lessons. have a nice weekend.

This is beautiful; I love that you are sharing this with us!

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