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December 07, 2011

Collaborative Art Jouraling with Andrew & Monica

Remember the collaborative journaling I did with Belinda?
I couldn't wait to give it a whirl with my kids. Here's the first page I did with Andrew. We call it Smelly Perro.

art journal collaboration
Check out how you can see different things when you turn the page around.

art journal collaboration
Here's the second page we did together that we call Santa Comes.

art journal collaboration
Love the dude with the mole. Do you see him?

art journal collaboration
And here's a page I did with Monica that we call Lost & Found.

art journal collaboration
Here's a differnet angle.

IMG_2545This has been one of the most exciting things I've done in a long time. You get to learn so much about the person you are collaborating with. My kids were like I was with Belinda at first ... with questions like ... "what do I draw? what do I do?" But the process is not about over-thinking or over-planning. It's just about letting go and letting things come out of you through the pen ... rotating the page once in a while to then reacting to the other person's marks. Not too much talking ... some good music ... and just observing and reacting and creating together. It's an intimate experience where you learn about the other person at a much deeper and almost unexplainable manner. I know I learned and influenced Andrew as he observed not only my marks but the way I was making my marks. And vice versa. I learned and was influenced by Andrew as I observed his work. Same goes for the process with Monica. It's the ultimate in the whole Observe and React process that I love.

You think you're not a journaler? You think you're not a doodler? I challenge you to get a piece of paper with some pens and grab someone in your life and just do it. Today. You'll be so pleasantly surprised. Be sure to have both collaborators sign and date the page once it's done.

Happy collaborating. :)


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I failed at doodling. Honestly.
But I might give this a try. I like it a lot!

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