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December 30, 2011

Top 10 Funniest People of 2011

It's that time again.
Time to reflect back on the year that has almost passed and think about the people who gave us the gift of laughter. To me, there is no better gift. This year's list has in some ways remained the same since last year's list, but changed in some interesting ways, with the inclusion of some new faces. Here it is.

#10 :: The Mister :: He's a great cook, we all know. But around the house, we all tease him for his nerdy tendencies. When he teases us back, it is a sight to behold. I love nerds.

Gerardo Mouet
#9 :: Amy Hanna :: She brings out the country hillbilly in me.

Amy Hanna
#8 :: Dori Barrett :: When we laugh, we laugh deep. She and Amy and I are going to start a band.

Dori Barrett
#7 :: Andrew Mouet :: On the one hand, he doesn't have much to say to people. Awkwardly so. On the other hand, when he starts talking about things he is interested in (like Dr. Who), he won't stop talking. Awkwardly and hysterically so.

#6 :: Linda Perez :: My trusted next door neighbor. Her one-liners about the happenings in our neighborhood makes my face freeze in laughter.

Jenny Doh
#5 :: Suze Weinberg :: I had the great pleasure of visiting with Suze at Donna Downey's Inspired event earlier in the year. She was the life and laughter of the party ... second only to #4 :: Margie Romney-Aslett. There was a point when I was in a room with these two women and I had to focus and meditate on the chair in front of me so that I wouldn't pee my pants and fall to the ground laughing.


#3 :: Shamanie Haneca :: When I visited her in Colorado last winter in the snow, she made me get into her car as she made it spin out of control. She's a crazy girl. During that visit, we were visited one evening by #2 :: Jeanne Oliver. As we stayed up visiting late into the night, these two would not stop singing. And rapping. Extemporaneously. That's just the way they roll. Here we are again at The Makerie 2011.

#1 :: Monica Mouet :: Practically every single day, this daughter of mine makes me roar with laughter. With her funny voices, her impersonations, her rants and raves about life. My belly aches ... in a good way, because of this smart, funny and keen observer of people and life.

So there you have it. The funniest people (in my life) of 2011.
I vote that we all enter 2012 with a goal to laugh. Until we pee our pants. Until milk comes out our noses. Until our bodies shake. Until it hurts. So good.

To laughter,
Jenny :)




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Makes me so want to spend more time with you. I absolutely LOVE laughing with you. Wish we lived in the same country :(

Happy 2012! And wishing you even more success in the new year.

love you dearly,

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