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March 25, 2012

What I Really Want

Discipline is remembering what you want.

{David Campbell}

Jenny Doh

I've been climbing these stairs. A new part of my daily workouts that I've added to the jump roping and strength training. 

I usually do my rope work, then I run to the park, and do the stairs. It makes me feel great. This feeling gets me rejuvenated about the refocus and recommitment that I have made to prioritize fitness in my life.

Even with the refocus and recommitment, there are times when things happen. Like yesterday, when chocolate-covered raisins entered our house. There they were. Looking yummy ... ready for me to gobble them up.

But then I asked myself: "What do you want?"

"I want to be fit."

Jenny Doh
And in that moment, I remembered that as tempting as those chocolate-covered raisins are, what I really and truly want (more than any decadant snack) is to be fit. To be strong. To look great. To wear this bikini this summer. By remembering what I want, I was able to discipline myself and choose not to eat the choclate-covered raisins.

Jenny Doh
Every day, as I choose fitness, I think of the others in my life who have made a commitment to choose fit ... like Beth, Jenelle, Sarah, Jenn, and so many others. And I think to myself ... if they are working hard and exercising discipline, I need to work hard, and to stay focused on what I really want.


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I love your 3R's and your commitment! It really does help to have friends cheering us on and sharing our journey~ I started my "Tour de Pants". I am riding my indoor and outdoor bike in stages. My goal is 1,000 mls. I hope to ride 5x a week(20 mls a day-doable) among other things! I can tell after day two, yoga has to be part of the equation... :D

I also have rewards planned along the way ;D I'm thinking art supplies will be my dangling carrots!

You can do it Jenny!

This is what I have been thinking about for a long time. How do I get that shift in my brain to discipline. Where that Marshmellow bunny is more important then my health. I am working on it. One day at a time. Its like being a junkie. (I suppose I have never been a junkie) But my drug is sugar! I am just hoping someday it clicks in my head! Thanks for the inspiration Jenny.

Heather, you put it so well ... how can it be that we choose the marshmallow bunny over our health? But we all do things like that all the time ... eating things that have no value to our health ... where we are full of regret about 20 seconds after we've consumed it all. I think it's looking at the bunny in the eyes and remembering that what we really and truly want is our health, and not that sugary 5-second pleasure that turns into regret so quickly.

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