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April 19, 2012

Crochet & Stencil Tutorial :: Spring 2012 Stencil Hop with Balzer Designs & The Crafter's Workshop

I am so happy to be part of the Spring 2012 Stencil Hop with Balzer Designs, featuring the wonderful new stencils designed by Julie Balzer for The Crafter's Workshop. The stencil that I have used for this project is the Pointy Circles stencil, in both the large and small sizes.

Julie Balzer Stencil Hop
I started with a rectangle that I crocheted with rows of simple single crochet stitches, using 12-ply hemp yarn. I added some accent crochet on the top and bottom edges with white cotton yarn. I sprayed fabric adhesive to the back side of the large stencil and placed the stencil right on top of the crochet. Then I spray painted it black. The reason I used the spray adhesive is because it allowed the stencil to touch the textured crochet super close and tight, allowing the spray paint to land precisely on the crochet.
JulieaHow cool is that?
Julie3I spray painted a shipping tag using the smaller Pointy Circles stencil. No spray adhesive needed. So cute.

Julie4I added a little crochted heart to the top of the tag. (Pattern for the heart can be found here.) And I added text with a white gel pen.

Jenny Doh
I took a thinner piece of hemp and weaved it on the top edge of the crochet and attached it to a twig. I also attached the tag with crocheted heart to the twig.

Crafter's Workshop Stencils
On my front door this piece hangs ... to let visitors know about what it is that lives in this home and and guides the people in it.

crochet and stencil tutorial
Many thanks to the talented Julie Balzer for inviting me to be part of this stencil hop and also to the good people at Crafter's Workshop. Check out other cool projects using the Pointy Circles Stencil by these talented participants: 

Traci Bunkers

Ronda Palazzari

And of course if you want to see the collected projects using this stencil, check out Julie Balzer's site here:

Julie Fei-Fan Balzer

And check out the entire line of kickin' stencils from Crafter's Workshop here.



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Okay, you've totally given me a new substrate to work with. I never thought to paint on my crochet! Thanks :)

I love Blog Hops, I love the idea to spray paint needlecrafts!!! What a great idea, now I know what to do with all that leftover yarn. Do you have a particular spray paint that you use?
Thank you for this idea:)

love how you used the stencil over the crochet! What an awesome idea. I will have to save that idea!

Fascinating. I would not have thought to spray crochet!! TFS

This is GORGEOUS and I wouldn't have found it if not for the blog hop!!!

Jenny, I love the sentiment on your door hanging. Thanks so much for participating in our Blog Hop. -Jaime, thecraftersworkshop.com

What you have done is amazing....the creative mind truly intrigues me. To use the stencil on a crocheted piece is priceless. Thanks Jenny.

Ps, because of our class last year, I made painted rocks for trades at ArtFest 12. I learn so much from you.

My comment is not unique as I glance through what others have written, but the idea of using the stencil to paint a crocheted piece just bowls me over! Even when I was looking at the finished piece at the top of your blog I had no idea what you did. I thought that you crocheted the pattern in. Thanks for opening my eyes to seeing things differently.

Thanks all. Lisa: The spray paint that I used was Design Masters Flat Black.

I think we can all agree - genius Jenny!! I've just been to Traci's site and it's great how different your contributions are. thanks for your post!!

Wow! Wouldn't have thought to stencil a crocheted piece.

What a lovely project. I NEVER would have thought to paint over a crocheted piece. So creative. Thanks!

What a neat project! Such a great idea to use the stencil over crochet. Very cool!


Love, Love, LOVE!!

Love the simplicity yet stunningly beautiful! thank you!

Hi Jenny-what a unique and wonderful way to use the stencil-I must remember this-thank you so much for sharing. Your finished piece is all around beautiful.

Super cool project! I love how you used crochet with the stencil! Thanks so much for participating in the stencil hop!

I like how you added the crocheted part to the top of the tag. It looks wonderful!

The stenciling looks so unique. I have just started to use stencils, so I have a lot to learn. Thanks!

Very creative! I like what you did with it on your door, too!

Oh how cool! I would have never thought of using the template like that. Thank you for the inspiration!

Love this, so cute.... Thanks for the heart pattern, I can't wait to make one...

You took your crocheting up even another notch with the spray paint - what a creative way to greet ones at your door!

This is fabulous. I wouldn't have thought to paint my crochet. Love it.

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