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May 23, 2012

Monica Mouet :: 2012 Outstanding Sophomore Writer

A few days ago, I had been notified by the Creative Writing Conservatory at OCHSA (Orange County High School of the Arts) that Monica was going to receive an award at an awards ceremony that we needed to attend ... but that we needed to keep the award a secret from Monica. So as non-chalantly as possible, I rounded up The Mister and Monica and we went. (Andrew decided to stay home.)

Gerardo Mouet and Monica Mouet and Jenny Doh
Of all the awards, there is one for Outstanding Freshman writer, Outstanding Sophomore writer, Outstanding Junior writer, and Outstanding Senior writer ... the ones given out toward the end of the ceremony.

I had no idea which award she would be getting. But as the night progressed and she hadn't been called up for any of the other ones, it dawned on me that perhaps she might be named Outstanding Sophomore writer. And you know what? That's exactly what happened. Monica Mouet is OCHSA's 2012 Outstanding Sophomore Writer.

I'm not sure if anyone really understands how proud I am.

From the moment Monica came into this world, I knew she had a unique point of view and that she had the potential to express this point of view through the written word. Her words. They have already accomplished so much. And I know that whether she decides to use her skills to write arguments that affect public policy, or to develop clever characters in screenplays, or to create the next great American novel, or to move mountains, she'll do it.

My Monica.
My daughter.
Her words.

I can hardly wait to read the words she will continue to craft in the months and years ahead ... words that will entertain, challenge, persuade, and delight.

My daughter.
My heart.


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lovely tribute jenny - it is such a nice feeling when our heart swells for our children!

Reading this gets me a little teary-eyed. I remember her going through those flash-cards when she was just months old.

I'm so so proud too. Please let her know.

Makes me/us want to hang out with her even more!


How wonderful! I get a good sense of your pride and joy over Monica's well-deserved award. Congratulations!

Ahhh congrats to Monica or should I say Crystal Crunch! What a wonderful accomplishment!

Yes, I do understand how you feel, Jenny! We, too, have such a gifted daughter - now in her 50's, who has continued to be outstanding throughout her life. She excels at everything she does. So, Monica, my dear, you have a bright future ahead, I am sure! Congratulations to you and to your proud parents, who are the ones to have given you your start! God bless all your efforts.

Wow! What an incredible achievement. Congrats to Monica!

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