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July 14, 2012

It'll be ok

This photo was taken when I was a little girl in Korea. Maybe I was 4. Not completely sure. It's interesting ... the memories that we have of our young toddler years ... they are not necessarily vivid and continuous memories ... but singular and disparate ones ... scenes that are so memorable that they become emblazened in our minds.

I remember this particular day because it was when I almost drowned. I have scenes in my head of being carried out of the ocean by my mom and dad and a small crowd of people staring at us ... with me coughing up water. So scared about what might have happend and so relieved that it didn't happen.

Jenny Doh

We live ... we build ... we grow ... we love.
And sometimes, through no intentional fault ... we come close to tragedy ... mishaps that could endanger what we have built, what we have worked for.

As we build and grow and love, we sometimes hurt and become sad as we let go of things we need to let go of, and we hang onto what we are meant to hang onto. We almost drown, and then we get saved. We almost lose our breaths, and then we get pulled out of it and we catch our breaths again as we cough up water. And we exhale as we find equilibrium. And we hear words of wisdom from those around us who love us, who counsel us as we go through immense sadness and remind us of what we all know ... which is that it'll be ok.

It's true.

It'll be ok. And it's ok to be sad. It's ok to cough up water and shed tears. It's ok to admit weakness. It's ok to be honest. It's ok to ask for help and forgiveness. It's ok to let go. It's all ok. And on the road to ok, it's one hour at a time sometimes. And you look at the hour that you are in and realize it's better than the hour you were last in, and you hope and know that the hour that's coming next will be better still.

It'll be ok.


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Beautiful post, thank you for sharing, such a cute picture of you:O)

This is so brave and honest! Thank you for sharing~ How scary and mind altering these moments are. They become scars in our heart, but remind us life is worth fighting for. I have had more than my fair share. It has fractured my view and I see more beauty in the ordinary. I always did, but more so as I embrace each day!

It WILL be okay, and often sooner than we think too. You've got this, totally. Love you,xo

This post made me tear up, it is that beautifully written. Thank you for the heartfelt wisdom.

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