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September 19, 2012

Announcing :: Belts, Bracelets, and Straps with Amy Hanna

I'm excited to announce a brand NEW workshop that will be taking place in Studio CRESCENDOh by the uber-talented Amy Hanna. It is called Belts, Bracelets and Straps and enrollment is open now, right here. Amy HannaAmy will show samples and provide instruction on how to juxtapose vintage elements with leather and some of ther other favorite materials.

Amy HannaShe'll provide a basic buckle and leather pieces that can be used to create a belt, and another basic buckle that can be used to make a bracelet.

Amy Hanna

Amy Hanna
If there are treasured items in your collection ... like tin types, pennants, patches, and other special items, you are encouraged to bring them to class as Amy helps you design one-of-a-kind straps that can become belts, bracelets, or straps for bags.
Amy Hanna
I am honored to have Amy lead this fantastic class in Studio CRESCENOh. It's gonna be a good one.

See you in the Studio. :)

Enroll for Amy's class here.


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