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November 04, 2012

Amy Hanna's Wonderful Class

Check out the cuffs I made yesterday in Amy Hann's wonderful class.

Jenny DohThe first one I made, I started with a denim base to which I stitched on bits and pieces of painted canvas that was made especially for this class by Jennifer Mercede and Pam Garrison. I started with a silver buckle but ended up changing it to a yellow buckle mid-stream.

Jenny DohHere is how the canvases looked before they were cut up for students to use. So cool, right? (For those of you who have asked, yes, Jennifer Mercede will be teaching again in Studio CRESCENDOh in 2013 so stay tuned to our master calendar!)

Jennifer Mercede Pam Garrison
Amy did a fantastic job teaching not only how to make cuffs, but also belts and straps.

Amy Hanna in Studio CRESCENDOh
We all delighted in seeing some of the samples that she brought to class like these ...

Amy HannaAnd then we all just about died when she showed us how she applied the same principles to rock out her camera strap. How cool is this?

Amy Hanna
The second cuff I made started with a metal cuff that I bought from Amy's stash. I had been carrying around a tintype that my buddy Stephanie Rubiano had given me and so I attached it to the cuff with a bit of E-6000 and then added a little bit of vintage trim at the top. So cute, right? The third cuff I made was with a long strip of gray suede to which i stitched on a bit ob bling. I just wrap that one twice around my (freakishly small) wrist and double knot it. I love how all three of these look when worn together.
Jenny Doh
In the afternoon, after lunch, Amy's husband Todd came to the studio to help students learn how to attach grommets to leather. How cute are they?
Amy and Todd HannaBy the end of the class, everyone felt successful. Each of us had one more more fihished project and all of us felt a new wave of creativity that had been unleashed in all of us as we started thinking of all the belts and straps and cuffs we would continue to make.

After class, it was time to celebrate. And celebrate we did with Amy, Todd, and sweet Dori who came all the way from northern California to experience this wonderful class.
Dori Barrett and Jenny Doh and Amy HannaWhat a fantastic day we all had. Not just because we made rockin' art, but because we were all made to feel very special by the talented Amy who has a special knack at making everyone feel great.

Jennifer Mercede


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Thanks so much Jenny for everything! Had a blast!! Much love!! xo amy

i have gotten so many good ideas! i love the belts...have lots of little ditties i can add to one i had never thought of...can't wait to start...also ordered your crafting your best life class to go and can't wait to take it! love that i can just pop in the dvd and play anytime...so much to craft, so little time! can't wait!

This looked like a fun class! Who would have thought to make belts, camera straps and cuffs using all those little bits and pieces? Such a great up cycling project! Even though I wasnt able to take Amy's class, I'm going to see if I can make one for myself.

Love these, will this ever be offered online. I live in North Carolina just a tad bit far to come to the class.
Would love to know how to make these.

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