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November 15, 2012

Huffington Post {Hearts} Journal It!

One night last week, I was having this really interesting conversation with my daughter, Monica. She's an aspiring writer. Actually, she is a writer. One of the best writers I know. Anyway, we were both saying to each other how awesome it would be if either of us could one day write something that would get published on The Huffington Post. "Yeah, total bucket list wish," I said.

Jenny DohAnd then off to bed we went, as the evening wound down for both of us.

The next morning, I received an email from Lark (my publisher) about an invitation from The Huffington Post that came in, asking if I'd write an introduction for a feature of my latest book,  Journal It! for The Huffington Post's Books Blog.

Jenny Doh
Hootin' and hollerin' we did, Monica and I. Just like that. From bucket list to reality.

In a matter of 48 hours, and with the help of my secret weapon copyeditor Amanda Crabtree Weston, I turned in my piece, crossing my fingers and toes that it would happen.

It did! Here's the link with the complete article that features Journal It! I'd say this is one of those rockstar moments for me. And the fact that the moment introduces the topic of art journaling to such a large and mainstream audience makes my heart soar.

Huffington PostFor those who you who have not yet tried visual journaling, let me give you the official nudge. It's one of the most wondrous art forms I've experienced and one that I have become passionate about. If you're afraid you'll mess up the blank paper staring at you, don't worry. It's just paper. What matters is your point of view, your creativity and your story ... they are truly worthy of artistic expression. I hope you'll pick up a pen, maybe some paints, and any old journal (plain or fancy) and give it a try.
Journal It

Learn more about Journal It! here.

Oh yeah, if you're in southern, CA, join me and contributing artist, Belinda Fireman to celebrate Journal It! at Studio CRESCENDOh on December 1st. This is a FREE event. No need to RSVP. Just show up. Wine, cheese, twinkle lights, interesting conversations. What better way to enrich the holidays? See you soon. :)


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Awesome!! And even more awesome now that you've shared the backstory, love it!!! Way to go, Jenny Doh!!!

Talk about synchronicity! The awesomeness of your personal dream-come-true is matched by the broad popular exposure this article will generate for visual journaling. We can only hope it'll encourage people who don't identify as "artists" to test the waters and play with this empowering creative practice. What great ambassadors you and your daughter are :)

Isn't it awesome when things like that happen, Jenny? For a moment, you feel as if you have truly gone into another dimension, it's so unbelievable. GOOD ON YOU, as the Brits say! And may I add, I love the Huff Post! Keep up the good work!

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