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December 21, 2012

Work Your Body. Not Your Mouth.

So I've talked to you about my trainers and coaches at my gym. Top-notch, class acts all the way. You know why? As tough as they are, they don't show off their toughness for gratuitous reasons. They teach. And they welcome and respect everyone, including (and especially) beginners.

Jenny Doh
Unfortunately, this is not so with all students. Most are great. They're in, they work hard, they're out. Just the way I like it. Sometimes, when there's information I want to learn from a student who has cool new equipment, or awesome form, I'll go to that student and it's usually the ones who are the quietest and humblest (also the sexiest in my book) who have the best info ... and shared only when asked.

And then there are the students who come in with something to prove, wanting to be everybody's trainer, with unsolicited advice being carelessly thrown everywhere as they say things like : "Do it like this, no, don't do it like that ... listen, i've been doing this for over a bazillion years ..." (SO not sexy in my book.)

Ironically, they're the ones usually huffing and puffing, with "advice" that frequently contradicts the trainers' instructions ... as they are about to pass out, unable to keep up with the class. They make me wonder if they're really interested in working out in the first place. And I am reminded of what my friend Beth once said, which is: When you are at the gym, work your body, not your mouth. Amen.


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