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February 23, 2013

Rejection. Acceptance. And the Space It Takes

So I've been playing around with my ukulele lately. It always surprises me when I pick up one of my musical instruments at how happy I become. It's different than painting or art journaling or crocheting or any other type of visual art. It's lighter.

Jenny Doh
I mean, with visual art, after you do it, there's this output with mass that takes up room in your life, right? I mean as much as I love to paint, I start looking at the stacks of canvases and wonder if my life's limited space can handle me painting for much longer without a way for them to regularly exit my life. Ideally for the visual artist, there is an audience that purchases the output. It's a sign of ultimate acceptance, really. Of being celebrated, and validated that your art is good ... that it has value and that it is adored by someone or several someones.

blank canvases
But with music and performance art, once you do it, there isn't this growing mass that takes up space. I'll play a song on the uke or play a piece on the cello and out it goes into the air ... sometimes just for me to hear or for a few select people who happen to be in the room when it happens. It's lovely.

I suppose professional musicians gauge ultimate acceptance also through sales ... of tickets, albums and such ... but still ... it's lighter. It's easier. If a musician decides to reinvent or change directions, they just have to stop singing songs that they once loved but now dread. They simply change their tune.

Visual artists can also change what they paint ... but even so ... there the canvases sit ... or the journals, the crochet, the jewelry, the assemblages ... taking up a whole lot of space ... with older works to remind us how we are so not artist who we once were.

golden paints
I guess I'm just thinking out loud. I mean, I couldn't bear the idea of no more painting or no more crocheting or no more of all the visual art that I love to make. And I couldn't bear the idea of living in a world where we didn't have visual creations around us ... from the painted canvas all the way to the enormous metal sculpture.

But I guess I sort of understand how sometimes we hear of visual artists who do dramatic things like burn a pile of their canvases just to lighten their load, or to get rid of works that they can't stand anymore. I understand it.

Jenny DOh
As I create to quench my creative desires, I do seek acceptance, fear rejection, and wonder (especially when I play a song on my ukulele) about the finite space I have to hold it all together. 


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Beautiful post Jenny!

Everyday our muse flirts and our senses are alerted.
Our passions shifts and we are onto a new
journey, whether is it paint, music, sewing or
playing with shadows n' light.
Art is like a Wheel of Fortune, as our muse dances
and plays with our view, our love is what brings it to focus!
The love of creating, creation, and the birth of new ideas!
<3 Art
Sometimes the gift, of art is an expression, and we need to pass it on. Perhaps your bright colored cheer could go in a hospital, or decorate a home for Seniors, or maybe abandon a piece and brighten someone's day~ Art is a gift~

this SO relates to how I am feeling at the moment. my "newish" studio has been revamped a couple of times and I am still not feeling comfortable in it. is it all the furniture that I so carefully selected? the second time! I really feel it is all the painted pieces, finished bags and books that have sat and sat. I hate to throw them away! I worked hard on those pieces but if they are not destined for another home then what to do? I have thought about dropping them in various public places. free art. something that has been rolling around my head for a few weeks. thanks for the post jenny! ciao!

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