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21 posts from July 2013

Announcing My New Book :: Craft-a-Doodle

I'm thrilled to announce my brand NEW book! It's titled Craft-a-Doodle and it's pretty fabulous.

Jenny Doh
It features 18 artists who provide 75 exercises that will get you doodling and drawing in no time flat. The artists are (in order of appearance): Cori Dantini, Gemma Correll, Carla Sonheim, Flora Chang, Corinne Dean, Dawn Devries Sokol, Jessie Oleson Moore, Dinara Mirtalipova, Julie Armbruster, Stephanie Kubo, Cynthia Shaffer, Aimee Ray, Teresa McFayden, Hanna Andersson, Mafalda Laezza, Pamela Keravuori, Jennifer Taylor, and Teesha Moore.

craft a doodle
You'll see really cool things ... like this Recipe for drawing a face by Cori Dantini ...
cori dantini

This cute prompt by Gemma Correll on how to doodle loveable pugs.

gemma correll

And this by Flora Chang on how to use inky water to doodle an owl ...
flora chang

craft a doodle
I'm super happy and extremely proud of this book. It is packed with ideas and prompts that will get your creative juices flowing for sure. So grab your pen, paper, and get ready to Craft-a-Doodle!

Craft-a-Doodle is available everywhere books are sold, including right here on Amazon. :)

Simpler. Truer. Better.

Every time I interact with Kerri, I feel inspired to become ... Simpler. Truer. Better.

Kerri Winterstein and Jenny DohHere we are after a really great brunch where we talked about things that seem little but matter a whole lot when you think about it.

Like how blogging used to feel different than it does now. Less pressure-filled. More homespun. Same thing for etsy ... and other places in this world wide web where homespun and simple seem to have been overhauled by fancy and slick ... where there's pressure to dream big or to go home ...

So much pressure.

Sometimes, it's much too much. And we ALL get caught up in it.

And then there's the whole topic of parenthood. Are we doing it right? Are we being strict enough? Are we being flexible enough? What's the right way?

And then there's that perfect cup of coffee and that perfect side of milk that gets placed at the table by that perfectly happy server ... along with amazing French toast for Kerri and a delectable arugula salad for me. "Sorry for the wait ... it's been a busy day and we are one server short," he says. I think one of us actually says "not a problem" as we busily gobble up the goodness.

Jenny Doh

Lots of wondering and thinking out loud. Lots of chuckles. Not so many answers, but a great visit with great food and loads of healthy thinking out loud.

Lunch or brunch again, hopefully soon.

Everyday People

Monica and I had a blast meeting Joan Jett last night. I was super surprised to find out how petite she is! I mean, with all of her amazing contributions to rock n roll, I have visualized her as this tall, larger-than-life person towering over the world of rock ... she's still very larger than life but physically, she's teeny tiny. In an adorable sort of way. And the best part ... she's a normal person ... just like her song Everyday People says ... "I am everyday people."

Jenny Doh and Joan Jett and Monica MouetShe and her band put on an incredible show. They performed many new tracks from their upcoming album but also rocked the house with all of their classic hits.

Joan JettI LOVE this shot of Joan ... check out her killer arms ... and her drummer rockin out. Love it.

Joan JettThe final encore song they did was in fact Everyday People. So apropros for where my mind and heart have been as of late ... all about the concept of honoring self-determination ... to truly live and pursue happiness while letting others live and pursue happiness ... 

The concept isn't rocket science, but it's easier said than done. Cause acceptance and tolerance and love means not only accepting each other regardless of the color of our skin, but other things that sometimes seem like small things but end up becoming big things when our judgements about such matters are allowed to fester ... like how we dress, who we love, what shows we watch, who we follow on IG, the music we listen to, who we're friends with, where we worship, if we worship, what we read, what we drive, where we live, what we eat, and so on and so on and scooby dooby dooby ...

One thing's for sure. No matter what, differences will always be present amongst people. Accepting that I think is the key to knowing that you, me, her, him ... we are ALL everyday people.

So do what makes you happy and pursue YOUR happiness ... if you want to. :)

Jenny Doh and Monica Mouet

Everyday People
by Joan Jett & The Blackhearts

Sometimes I'm right then I can be wrong
My own beliefs are in my songs
A butcher, a banker, a drummer and then
Makes no difference what group I'm in
I am everyday people

Then it's the blue ones who can't accept
The green ones for living with
The black ones tryin' to be a skinny one
Different strokes for different folks
And so on and so on and scooby dooby dooby

Ooh sha sha
We gotta live together ...

Pursue Your IG Happiness

Isn't it interesting how certain things resonate with people and some things don't? Like when Flickr was the hot new thing I just couldn't get into it. I also couldn't get into Pinterest.

I'm kinda into Twitter but not as much as Facebook which I like and use a whole lot. I have a presence in Linkedin (but I still really don't "get" it). I was sort of getting into Vine ... but well ... I guess Instagram took care of that one ...

Speaking of which ... I LOVE Instagram. I really do. It gets me engaged with myself and with others in ways that I think is creative and fun. And I've gotten so used to posting that it's lickity split for me to shoot and post. Love it. I love how I get to craft and tell my story in a certain way ... to make a living scrapbook if you will ... to tell not the complete story but a uniquely told one nonetheless.

Jenny Doh
What I also think is interesting is how there's this murmur surrounding IG (and really all other social media platforms) from folks about what a cool post is and what a non-cool post is. I hear folks say on very high horses about how folks should do this and that ... like ... post less often, post more often, post not so many selfies, post more selfies, post fewer shots of babies, post more shots of babies, post less about art, post more about art.

For Pete's sake.

Post what YOU want on your IG feed. And let others post what they want on their IG feeds. Same goes for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogs, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

Follow feeds of people who you want to follow. And don't follow who you don't want to follow. It's your IG. Do what you want to. And don't do what you don't want to. And don't let the murmur from folks sitting on high horses kill your pursuit of your happiness ... on IG or elsewhere.

Let live.

What I Wore :: Remain, Trouvé, Kors

Thought I'd show you an outfit that I got from my kids for Mother's Day a few months ago (er ... um ... with a little help from their mother, of course!)

Jenny Doh

A nice flouncy blouse by Trouvé, paired with a killer mini skirt by Remain ...
Jenny Doh
paired with my tried and true sandals by Michael Kors (from a few years ago).

Jenny Doh

I wore this to the B-52s concert and I know I'll wear this outfit a million times or more in the years to come.

Jenny Doh

We Welcome :: Jennifer Rodriguez

This week, we welcome Guest Curator, Jennifer Rodriguez.
Read her inspiring ART SAVES story here.
Keep up with her curated links all week long here.
Check out a couple of her beautiful art quilts below.

Jennifer Rodriguez
Jennifer Rodriguez

Jennifer Rodriguez

A Recap of Jennifer Mercede's Workshop!

Thought I'd share some photos and a synopsis of all the fun that was had these past two days with Jennifer Mercede in Studio CRESCENDOh.

It was a packed house as we started the first day with lots of blind contour drawings ...

Studio Crescendoh

jennifer mercede

jennifer mercede

amy hanna and jennifer mercede

Pam K

And then we segued into doodling and then painting ... drawing, doodling, painting, drawing, doodling, painting, drawing, doodling, painting ...

Jillian Forrester

Terry Obrien and Jennelle Van de Mortel

... and then we went outside to learn how spray paints can also be used to add layers to your work ...

Jennifer mercede
and then more drawing, doodling, painting ...

jennifer mercede

This was my second time learning from Jennifer and I tell ya, it all came together much more solidly this time around ... the drawing, doodling, and painting ... including the live model that we were able to draw in many different ways and then combine with doodling and painting.

jenny doh

Here I am with model Jennifer and our model Tracey.
For those of you who are interested, our model will be returning to Studio CRESCENDOh for short figure drawing workshops. A rare opportunity for those who want to practice drawing a live person in a safe, artistic environment. Stay tuned for that!

jennifer mercede and tracey taylor and jenny doh

It was great fun to see everyone's art and I also left the weekend tired but with greater resolve to continue painting and to continue finding my artistic voice.
jenny doh

Many thanks to Jennifer, Tracey and all the students (some who didn't make it into this group picture) for a wonderful experience. Until next time. :)
studio crescendoh

Roam (if you want to) and Pursue Your Happiness

I adore these photobooth shots that I took with Monica last night. They make me happy. They were taken right after we watched a fantastic B-52s concert. 

Jenny Doh and Monica Mouet

Throughout the concert, we were saying to each other how awesome it is to see a band that's been around since the 1970s still doing so well, as we watched each member rockin' it on stage, and truly pursuing their passion and happiness. (The opening band was X and we also LOVED their performance and the way they performed with such sincerity and passion.)






It was a GREAT show.

The lyrics to one of their classic songs they performed really spoke to me last night, which is their song, Roam, which starts off like this:

Roam if you want to
Without wings, without wheels
Roam if you want to
Without anything but the love we feel

I love that the song doesn't command me to roam, but rather to roam if I want to. In other words, do what I want, if I choose to do that. And I think by saying that, it also says to let others roam if they want to and let them pursue their happiness if they want to. Live and let live.

Sometimes, we get tricked into second-guessing what we want, as we wonder if we should roam, whether we ought to roam, what others might think if we choose to roam or not ... The B52s remains an awesome and relevant band today because they have remained true to who they are, knowing that they can't please all. But by staying true to the essence of who they are and pursuing their happiness, they end up decades later, being a band that has truly left a mark on the world.

Jenny Doh

Here are a couple of shots I had fun posing for with my concert buddies, Dori and Amy. Love these girls. They make me happy.

Jenny Doh

Take it hip to hip
Rocket through the wilderness ...
Roam if you want to
Roam around the world

The Art of Value

Jenny Doh
M.C. Richards writes eloquently in The Crossing Point:

It is dangerous for poets and painters and sculptors and musicians to think that their image, their composition, is the source of value—instead of the reflection of value, the making conscious of an experience of value otherwhere derived. The paint peels and cracks, the pot breaks, but the realm out of which it comes continues to reveal itself in more works of art and craft.

Jenny DohNothing bores me more than convos where people waste inordinate amounts of time trying to protect what they think they own and believe as being the source of true value ...

"Hey, the thick down stroke and thin upstroke in lettering ... that's my idea. You can't steal that."
"The crooked lips and curly hair was my invention, you can't do that."
"The use of black, red, and white ... that's my color palette ... I can't believe you're copying me."
"Are you using images of birds and leaves? Don't you know that I did that first?"

And on and on it goes ... without regard of knowing that all of it ... the thick and thin strokes, the crooked lips with curly hair, the black-red-white palette, the birds and leaves ... were all born and interpreted a million times before us and will continue to be interpreted a million times after we are all gone. Forever.
jenny doh

We Welcome :: Jessie Turner

This week, we welcome Guest Curator, Jessie Turner.
Read her ART SAVES story here.
Keep up with her curated links all week long here.


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