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August 14, 2013

Giveaway :: Craft-a-Doodle + Creative Lettering + Journal It! + My Favorite 5 Pens

In honor and in celebration of my last three books—Craft-a-Doodle, Creative Lettering, and Journal It!—I'm hosting a Giveaway! Yipee!

All three books have gotten me into such a creative frame of mind as I use the ideas presented by all of the contributors to doodle, letter, and journal every single day. It's a great thing.

Jenny DohTo enter the Giveaway, just leave a comment here (EDIT: about either what your favorite letter is and/or what your favorite thing to doodle/journal is) on this blog and you will be entered. I'll use an auto number generator to pick one winner next Wednesday. Entries must be received by August 21st at 5PM Pacific Standard Time. The winner will win a copy of all three books, all signed by yours truly. :)

plus ...

My five all-time favorite pens that I use to doodle, letter and journal, all bundled up nice and tidy.

Jenny Doh

Thank you so much for all of your support and enthusiasm for these wonderful books. I'm very proud of them and grateful to be able to work with all of the talented contributors.

Check out all of my books here on Amazon ... and keep an eye open for many more coming your way.

To Art, Creativity, and Fun.


Jenny Doh
EDIT :: The winner of the drawing is #28: Bevlea Ross!
Congratulations, Bevlea. :)



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I have been wanting to improve my lettering ever since I took a class with Shelly Massey. These books look great!!!

OOOoooooo I would love to win these treasures......

What a fun stash....
Please count me IN!
your books?...and PENS....yes, pens.......

Love, LOve LOVE!!!

My favorite letter would be hard to choose, but I'll share my favorite word because it includes some wonderfully fun letters: Joy. The J and the Y have so many possibilities. And the O isn't too shabby either...

My favorite letter is "C". Favorite Journaling is flowers.

All of that inspiration in one giveaway? Awesome!

My favorite letters are A and L and I love to doodle flowers.

Wow Jenny - what a great giveaway. If I don't win, I just might have to buy all three books and all five pens...

Favorite letter is B because it resembles the female form. I doodle mostly as borders around my photos for scrap booking. Thanks for the chance.

I just bought your doodle book and I love it!!

My favorite letter is K (my new last initial!) and my favorite thing to doodle is kittens!

What a great giveaway...your books look so inspiring. I would have to say the letter A is my favorite letter. I think that because my latest passion is journals of all kinds....your books would be great inspiration for many projects that I am wanting to do.

OMG Jenny. Me Me pretty please !!!

oh what a yummy gift pack!!my favourite letter is M and i love doodling faces! thank you so much! xxx

Love, love, love the pens and books!! Favorite doodles are cats and birds!! I'd love to win!

I love the letter "L"... So fun! Thanks for the chance to win. :)

My favorite letter to doodle Ida V because I can make it into a heart, since my last Nme is Valentine! ❤ Love doodling!

I am fooling around trying out Zentangles... Love them. And I would love to win these!

It's hard for me to choose a favorite letter because I love all of them. However, my favorite thing to doodle is birdies, wacky, sweet, silly imaginary birdies.

I love doodling little people and I love the idea of the latest book!

Hm. My favorite letter is L, I think. Love making a loopy cursive L. :)

Wonderful giveaway, Jenny. Even if I already have one of these, I'd like the chance. I'll give away the duplicate. My favorite letter is R, I think. I like to doodle lettering mostly.

Would love to win! Big Fan of yours!

I don't have a favorite letter, but I love writing words in Russian. And my favorite thing to doodle is women, with eyepatches and other oddities. :)

I love the letter L! And I love to practice calligraphy.

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