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August 31, 2013

Second Stage Creations

I recently posted a couple of fun photos on my Instagram feed about knitting. This first photo is about a fisherman's rib cowl I've been wanting to finish so that I can wear it this winter. It's one of those projects that has progressed in teeny tiny strides when I am able to steal 5 minutes here, 10 minutes there to knit a few rows at a time ... never long stretches of time that I sometimes wish I could devote to the cowl.

But life. It's never that way, right? Family, house, career, dogs, the gym ... so much to fit into the main stage of life that certain things like a fisherman's rib cowl need to step aside to the second stage ... the place we find ourselves not for long stretches of time but tiny and unexpected bits of time ... here and there. 

Jenny Doh

This next photo is of a dress I made for myself years ago. One of my prized possessions. I love the pattern because it's knit in the round, which means that there's not piecing the front and back together. No seams. Just a smooth continuous singular piece that feels like butter when you wear it.

Believe it or not, it was also created in teeny tiny strides ... small moments that I stole here and there to knit "just one more round" before getting back to work, or the laundry, or to pick up the kids from school ... to eventually finish a dress that I simply adore.
Jenny Doh

These days, though I still have knitting projects in my life, I'm much more obsessed about painting. I frequently sigh when life gets so busy and I feel that the only time I have to paint is on second stage. How I yearn to paint on the main stage.

Sometimes, as the day is winding down, I find myself saying outloud to my family ... "maybe if luck's on my side I'll be able to paint tonight." And if luck is on my side, I dive into the night and paint past midnight and sometimes past the early hours of the next day. Second stage. Margins. Parentheses.

But you know what? I've learned not to underestimate what happens on the second stage. After all, it's where some of my projects may always come to fruition. If that's the case, I think how we regard the nature of second stage creations is important. It's where grand things happen if we allow it ... like chic fisherman's rib cowls, pretty dresses knit in the round, and paintings filled with passion.
Jenny Doh


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it's amazing how often i can sucscribe your feelings; it's frustrating though isn't it, to grow in second stage creations....but growing:)

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