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October 10, 2013

Be Ready. Not Hyper-Ready

I boxed today. Noon class with the one and only Coach Tee. We were doing our usual thang. Everyone partnered up ... with one person punching and the other person catching. Just for a few minutes. And then rotating so that you work with different people.

jenny doh
So this guy rotated to me. Never seen him before in my life. New. Strong dude with muscles. He didn't really know how to throw ... and instead of throwing lightly to learn, he threw really hard ... to ...  I don't know ... over compensate? So I called out jab-cross-slip-slip and he ended up throwing jab-cross-jab-cross ... right into my face. He hit my face pretty hard, causing my glasses to smash into my face. I squealed. Thankfully my glasses didn't break. And neither did anything else on my face. Holy close call.

Tee checked to make sure that I was ok and then he gave a talk to the dude and then started laughing his ass off. It was all good cause I started laughing my ass off too. It's like family when we see each other involved in epic fails ... we check to see if our family members are ok and then we start busting up laughing.

When I box and get in my fighter's stance, the voice of Tee is always on my mind ... "Jenny ... relax. Prepare to fight but don't be so tense" is what I hear him saying. Like be ready to throw punches but don't tighten up so much. Don't be hyper-ready.

It's the same thing my archery coach, Janet, says to me when I'm ready to shoot.

jenny doh
Think about what you're going to do before you draw.
Then draw.
Don't over-think once you draw. Be steady and still but relaxed at the same time.
Be ready but not hyper-ready.
Then release like a spring, with flexibility and ease, not rigidity.

Ready but not hyper-ready.
Strong and steady but flexible.

I think this advice applies not just to boxing and archery but also to life. It's about balance. Good advice that's easier to remember when you're in practice mode and very easy to forget when out of practice mode. 


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