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October 06, 2013

Dream BIG or Medium, or Small, or Teeny Tiny

With all due respect, I've been wanting to get something off my chest in response to the whole "Dream Big" command that's out there.

Here goes.

Jenny Doh

  • First, if YOU want to dream big, that's awesome. Go ahead.
  • Second, don't tell me what size my dreams should be. I'm ok not dominating the world, and I'm ok with certain dreams and goals of mine being big, while others remain medium, small, or even teeny tiny.

I say each of us dream in whatever size we want, based on what makes best sense for our respective seasons of life.

Because you know what? One size does NOT fit all.

That's all. :)


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oh, so interesting! as one who likes the phrase dream big, i have to say, i interpret it totally differently. to me, it's not a mandate, it's permission- to dream and LIVE the exact life you want- not world domination (although for some, sure), but more, whatever floats your boat- if one dreams of living off the grid whittling little bits and bobs, to me, that's a big dream, and i think saying dream big means "go for it". ...if you want to. ;)

Pam: Love your interpretation of it being a permission to "go for it." When it's interpreted or commanded in the opposite, it stresses me out. Ya know? Reminds me of lyrics that John Lennon wrote in his song "Watchin' the Wheels," which I'm sure was in response to folks who didn't know why he was choosing smaller dreams at a certain point in his career rather than dominating the music world. Anyway, you better visit me when I live off the grid, whittling little bits and bobs. xo :)

Jenny Doh, you are cute here (talking about the dream size).
I agree with you... a person's dream capacities about many different subjects are so variable....

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