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December 08, 2013

FangGrrr made good

Butterfly heard of Lion's impending death. With the help of Fox, Butterfly came to see Lion. They brought the magic pink yarn.

FangGrrr Jenny DohWith the pink yarn, Butterfly made an eye patch and put it over Lion's eye. The yarn was also wrapped around Lion's chest, over the wound. Meanwhile, FangGrrr picked up her bow and arrow and went looking for Snake.

FangGrrr and Fox Jenny Doh"Prepare to die," said FangGrrr to Snake.


FangGrrr and SnakeRight as FangGrrr was about to release the arrow, Butterfly futtered in and said "Wait, FangGrrr."

FangGrrr Wait
"Killing Snake will not kill your pain," said Butterfly.
"But Snake told me to hurt Lion and Lion may soon be dead," said FangGrrr.
"Snake told you to hurt Lion but you are the one who hurt Lion."
"I don't know what to do. What should I do, Butterfly?"
"That is not the question."
"Then what is?"
"The question is what will you do?"

FangGrrr ChoiceFangGrrr put the bow and arrow down. Snake slithered away.
"I am wretched," said FangGrrr.
"Sometimes we are," said Butterfly, "but sometimes we are wonderful. Like now. You could have made more hate but you didn't. You made good."
"But actually, I'm not good. I'm bad."
"You're not good or bad, FangGrrr. You're good and bad. We all are."
"And by the way, it's not your fault that your mom and dad left you, FangGrrr," said Butterfly. "Now let's go check on Lion."

FangGrrr and Fault


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