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January 26, 2014

Top 10 List :: Week 4 of 2014

 The Top 10 things floating in my mind this week. Monica Mouet10. Every year I think I won't be able to do what I must do, which is to complete 1099s for everyone on behalf of my company. And then I do it. I make small mistakes but they are usually the same mistakes that my extraordinary accountant has gotten into a rhythm of preidicting and correcting. I could take time to learn how to not make my small mistakes but I find it easier just to keep making them and having someone who knows how to correct them correct them. I'm glad I don't make new ones. BTW, I hate it when someone says "that's why I hire someone to do my 1099s." Really? Well of course, I hire someone to help me with my 1099s and other accounting and tax-related work but you really can't have nothing to do with doing them, even if you hire someone. I just can't imagine a small business owner not having anything to do with doing them.

9. Within the art/craft universe, it's very hard, almost impossible to say publicaly "I don't like that," lest you be labled a meanie or a bully. That's why "I don't like that" is said privately.

8. Southern Cal. Edison shut down our electricity for half a day last week, which threw our timed sprinklers off. And so our lawn gets watered at completely irrational times of day. And because we are so not handy, I'm sure that the next time the timer will change is when our electricity goes off again ... either intentionally or accidentally.

7. I just saw this saying that I love: "Get your halo dirty." In other words, stop acting all perfect and start doing good shit.

6. If I ever become a fitness instructor and I end up teaching a class, I won't be one who asks the students questions like "how's everyone doing today?" followed by questions like "why is everyone so quiet today?" Because no one in a group class is interested in answering questions like that. We just want to work out. (This is different from one-on-one training sessions, by the way.)

5. I've learned that people who say "be vulnerable in your art" are the ones who are least vulnerable in their art. Same thing with all the other over-used words that I avoid like the plague ... not because I don't like the words, but because their over-use has transformed them into such tired cliches.

4. People try to distinguish art from craft. I actually think there is another distiction that is more important and harder to talk about ... and that is the distinction of art from decor. It's one of those things that also gets talked about privately.

3. I eat pretty healthy. But when I hear about people talk about doing a "juice cleanse" for a day or even a week, I think "oh that sounds like a good idea I want to do that too." And so I think about stocking up on juice and just having that and nothing else. And then I start drinking juice for a meal and when I realize I can have nothing else, I think "this is the shittiest thing I've ever tried in a long time." And I stop the cleanse. Actually, I think what I am attracted to is the word "cleanse." Who doens't want to hug that word? It's such a great sounding word. Cleanse. Cleanse. Cleanse.

2. I just got a card from Lenscrafters saying I will get free lenses if I buy a new frame. Yeah, right. "Free" as long as you have single vision with no other weird stuff like astigmatism and all the other short-sighted vs. far-sighted shit that happens to your eyes with age. But I'll still take the card in becuase it's time and I do need a new prescription. Usually my AAA card ends up giving me a bigger discount than these periodic promos that come in the mail. But no worries. I do love my lenscrafters.

1. I started installing my show yesterday for I See Boat People (which you are invited to attend, by the way). Before yesterday I had been thinking "Oh I wish I had a bigger studio to show all my stuff" but after yesterday, I thank my lucky stars that my studio is not any larger. One of the biggest lessons I've learned is that it's hard to fill a studio with a body of work where every piece feels worthy and right. And I also learned that I trust deeply the feedback and editing that my daughter gives me about it all.


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I enjoy the thoughts, and the photograph!

Jenny, try Costco for your lenses. You don't need a membership...

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