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February 14, 2014

Opera Interrupted

My mother dreamed of singing opera.
She had the voice that could make that dream come true.
"Whatever you do, do not get married, becuase that will lead to motherhood, which will endanger your operetic destiny," cautioned her professors of music.

IMG_6774But love happened.
And she entered the boat of marriage with my father. And she had babies ... my brothers and I.
And opera, as her professor forshadowed, became forever interrupted.

IMG_6775It is both tragic and triumphant ... the intersection between women's dreams and motherhood, as destinies get modified through the choices of which boats we choose to board and which ones we forego.

The world of opera lost out on my mother's voice.
The world gained my brothers and I.
My mother's heart lost the thrills of receiving standing ovasions that her voice deserved.
My father's heart gained my mother's.



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WEll said.
Some things are measured by eternity.
Others, while starry and shimmery, are only temporal.

Our hearts anchor us, but our dreams get tangled in other hearts and more anchors, and the red thread continues to tangle. Love does this-it sinks and saves us according to the waves... So touching and true! What a beautiful couple-sadness washes over me as I read this. So many sacrifices are made in a woman's life-we need more life preservers-

Truly moving post - women make so many sacrifices in life - we wonder later if it was worth it. . . that answer can only come from within each of us. wish I could've experienced your show firsthand -

Beautifully written and visual post!

so beautiful
heart boatload lovely

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