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February 19, 2014

Painting in the Studio

I usually paint in my home studio at night. Never during the day and never in Studio Crescendoh, unless I'm teaching there. Today, I painted for half a day in Studio Crescendoh, just to try it out. In the light of day ... reminding myself that this is part of my job. To paint. In the light of day. In the dark of night. To paint has become part of my job. Gawd. How'd that ever happen? Hashtag: grateful.

IMG_7014I didn't have my usual creature comforts but I really enjoyed the process. It was so all about the painting ... no loading the washing machine in between strokes, no letting the dogs in or out, no going to the fridge to get a snack. There was absolutely no distraction. Just me, my music, and the beautiful natural light. And I could sprawl everything out and work on several pieces at once.

I also enjoyed that it was during normal weekday work hours ... to see and be seen by a workforce ... lawyers lawyering, hair dressers hair dressing, shop owners selling ... and painters painting.

IMG_7022Some works here to share with you ... that I made good progress on.


IMG_7019I'm gonna get my paints and supplies organized so that I can go to the studio to do this on a regular basis. I'd love to be able to paint at least once a month (or more) in the studio. Perhaps I'll become so organized that I could even eventually announce a regular schedule of when I'll be painting there in case anyone wants to drop in and say hello. We'll see what happens. :)





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so nice!

Jenny - I KNOW where you are coming from! I'm having similar transition issues this week. Computer "work" done by lunch, so I have either been dragging tasks out OR promising myself I can paint / craft / just generally get messy when the "work" is finished!

And it still feels weird that I'm not dead tired while painting. And also, I might just need something else to do in the evenings, as painting has shifted to the afternoons.

Lovely paintings, by the way. I will definitely drop by when I'm back in California!

Hashtag#jealous ;D

Seriously, to be free and no interruptions is a gift for your spirit and I can tell by your paintings you soared!

The sheer joy of freedom to be expressive-Bravo to you!
I love the kite string and you might remember why Hashtag#kite

Great photos from the studio and your works in progress.

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