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February 10, 2014

Top 10 List :: Week 6 of 2014

 10 things on my mind. (I'm a day late cause I usually do this on Sundays. Sorry.)

IMG_662010 I was in my studio today, getting it ready for my upcoming Painting by Heart class, a 1-day class that will take place on Saturday and also Monday. As I was setting the room up, I was thinking how much I look forward to seeing how each student will let it in, let it out, and let it happen. And then I couldn't resist adding a little addendum to these phrases, my favorite words of all: "if you want to." I remember when I taught it last October. (Recap 1. Recap 2.) It was such a remarkable experience for me and all students. I can't wait to experience the magic again. If you are a last-minute joiner, there is still space if you want to sign up. Here's the link where you can enroll.

9 Have you noticed that at any given time, all asparagus is either thick or all thin? I personally like thin asparagus, which is why I haven't bought any in the last few days because no matter where I go ... Albertsons, Trader Joes, Ralphs, Mother's ... the stalks are all so thick. And then they'll become thin again, at every store.

8 I have this tendency to hoard certain foods. Right now it's cans of sliced cling peaches in 100 percent juice. I don't know if it's actually hoarding because I go through them like crazy. My light night snack. I know it's not as good as fresh but I'm strangely addicted to them. And I have this fear that they might go away or get discontinued, which is why we have 23 cans in the cupboard right now. Does anyone else have this disorder?

7 Everywhere I turn these days, there's a vitamin shop. I don't understand.

6 I've never been good with names but these days it's getting ridiculous. Unless I have given birth to you, chances are, I won't remember your name. Not personal at all.

5 Speaking of memory loss ... as I'm talking with people, I find myself saying in between every few sentences, "Have I told this to you already?" And then I wait for the person to reassure me that I have not, before I continue telling the story. Because OMG ... I'd rather be something something than that person who just goes on and on repeating stories. (BTW, my fear is that I might repeat some of these entries in future Top 10 lists as readers think to themselves, "There she goes again, talking about memory loss.")

4 So today when I was at the Santora, this guy came up to me and said all these nice things about my work. Like he really got it. And he was so moved. It felt so good.

3 I just got this super soft hooded sweatshirt from Target. It's by Mossimo. It's the thing that makes me happy right now. And the hoarder in me wants to go back and get like 5 more ... as back-up hoodies ... you know ... just in case I lose this one or something bad happens to it. And then the second and third and fourth one might also get stolen or lost. Then I can pull out my fifth extra hoodie that is exactly like the first one and all would be well with the world. Does anyone else have this disorder?

2 I have 3 typewriters. All vintage. I bought them all (one at a time) with the hope of using it regularly. And when I bought them, the description on each of them said "in great working order but needs a new ribbon." But you know what? It's not that easy to get a "new ribbon" that fits a particular vintage typewriter!!! It took me 3 vintage typewriters to figure that out! So I'm in search of a 4th typewriter that doesn't need a new ribbon that is in great working order. I know my family will view me as the freak show that I am when I lug in a 4th typewriter into the house. Does anyone else have this disorder?

1 My Prius is about to hit 100,000 miles! Can you believe it? It used to be The Mister's car, and then he gave it to me after I gave my Camry to The Daughter and he bought himself a little Toyota pickup. The pickup is a stick shift (which helps him relive his youth) which means I can never drive it. We bought the Prius when they were still considered a novelty with being the first hybrids and all. I had no idea it would still be doing so great after all these years. I hope it lasts another 100,000 miles because the LAST thing I want to EVER do is to buy another car. The whole idea stresses me the hell out. But I think it's inevitable when The Son starts driving. He'll probably get the Prius. I wonder if I can start biking everywhere when that happens. I probably could if I didn't have to transport all my canvases and paints and cans of sliced peaches and stuff.


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I think you can re-ink typewriter ribbons yourself... do a search on line.

You kick box, you paint, you can drive stick shift...try it.

you are so funny.
#6 - totally, and even then, i might get them mixed up on occasion
#5 - again, yep and ugh!
#4- awesome, jenny!
#3- totally- but really, do you want a uniform of target massimo hoodies? one's enough right?!
#2PLEASE figure this out and then hook me up. ok, truth is, i did order new ribbon from mytypewriter.com and it worked great for one of my newer typewriters, but the older ones, (with different fonts, so i want them too), i'm stumped. hmmm- re-inking going to look again thanks to emie
#3 we have 2 priuses with over 100,000 miles and LOVE them. especially love the zero maintenance and seemingly endless mileage per gallon. bought both used with 25Kish miles on and never regretted it. bg will help you find one when you need it, (he enjoys the negotiating, can you imagine?!?)-of course, i'd rather just walk on a lot and do it the easy (and more expensive) way ,and that new car smell is awesome while it lasts...

These little countdowns are my favorite posts of yours. :)

Although I don't have the typewriter disorder, I do have one that results in my hoarding a ton of random objects that I swear I will love once I spray paint them. Which means we need a separate closet just for things that will someday hopefully (probably not) be spray painted. It's a sickness, really.

And I am so ridiculously bad with names. I've decided that it's because when I meet someone, my mind is already coursing with information about that person, and I can't be bothered to pay attention to a (tiny, ha!) detail like their name. Instead, I'm thinking, "Oh, she seems nice! I like her sandals. I wonder if I seem awkward right now. Am I being awkward? She seems like someone I could be friends with. I wonder where she got that lipgloss. Quick, come up with some witty banter!"

This is why I always tell my husband he's lucky to not have my brain. It's a little bit much. :)

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