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February 02, 2014

Top 10 List :: Week 5 of 2014

10 things floating in my mind this week.

Photo-2310. Scout. He's become this barker who won't shut up. Just when he goes outside. It's like he's reciting some speech to all the neighborhood. You know here in America, we say that when dogs bark, they say "arf arf" right? Did you know that in Korea, dogs go "mung mung" and in Mexico, dogs go "wow wow"? So interesting, right? I always wonder the other ways people in the world describe how dogs bark. I'd really like to know.

9. Just saw Wolf of Wallstreet. I sort of want to do a whole post about it but I'm not sure if I'll get a chance to so let me try to summarize how I feel about it here. Magnificent. I went into it knowing that there is some criticism by some who feel that the movie glorifies greed. I don't think it does. I thought it showed how corruption and greed infultrate and consume the human being ... and how not only that many human behings are succeptable to corruption but that humans are willing to potentially become so, in exchange for difficult lots in life that many humans have. It's not an easy movie as we are made to deal with the complexities of human beings ... namely how we are simultaneously good and bad. There is not a single scene in the movie that is uninteresting. The entire cast was great and Leonardo DiCaprio took my breath away. Even minor characters who were in the movie for maybe two or three scenes were developed so well that you ended up caring about them very much. That ain't easy to do.

8. I feel guilty about not being an active participant on Pinterest. Like I'm letting the Pinterest universe down. But I just can't get into it.

7. How come when humans mess up we can't say "I'm sorry. I messed up" and instead say "I'm sorry for the miscommunication"?

6. Well, I let the entire month of January pass without listenting to the voicemails on our land line. I do plan on listening to them this month some time. I'll let you know what I hear.

5. I feel all proud and puffy because for the month of January, I missed just 3 days of working out. So final score was 28-3 out of 31 days. My goal had been to be at 27-4. That means that my extra day can be rolled over because my goal for 2014 is to miss no more than 48 days, which is 4 days per month. Rocket science, I know.

4. My birthday just happened. As it always does in January. God. With the days going so fast, I feel like we might as well bring out next year's cake now.

3. I've just started using a sumi brush pen. Very exciting. I'm in total practice mode. Will post results soon. #practiceopensdoors

2. My art show was yesterday. I was kind of in weepy mode all day today. Just a mixed bag of emotions about it being over, and just about how this big boulder of continued efforts to make good art never leaves ... how the journey is never over ... which great and daunting.

1. I've just realized that the one big difference between men and women is that women use coins and men do not (even though they always have a whole bunch). How else do you explain the fact that I'm always in search of coins and can always find them near my husband's nightstand, his coat pockets, his desk area? I'm not just talking pennies. I find quarters, dimes, nickels and I steal them all on a regular basis. And I use them all too because I'm always out of them when I need them. But when I'm with him somewhere and we need coins, he just reaches in his pocket and out come the coins. How does he still have so many when I steal them from him regularly? And it's not like he is wanting to use them because he'd rather use a bill to pay for things but it's just when I say "hey, do you have 47 cents?" He's like superman and his stash of coins comes to save the day.


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The ~COIN~ thing! Yes!!!!!!!!!! Finally, someone else has noticed the Husband-Coin Phenomenon. My husband doesn't jingle, but he always has more than one coin in his pocket daily. Each night, he empties his pockets into a bowl on his dresser. When he gets ready for work the next morning, only his pocket knife and wallet go into his pockets, and then his belt is threaded through the pant loops. Socks on. Boots on. Heads to the kitchen for coffee, leaving ALL coins in the bowl. I've STAYED IN THE ROOM until he's left for work, so I KNOW the coins are still in the bowl as the truck pulls out of the driveway.

By noon, he can offer up change for a gumball machine toy, newspaper, and soda. How does this happen?

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