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February 17, 2014

Top 10 List :: Week 7 of 2014

10 Things floating in my mind.

IMG_694610 I really really really dislike this currently popular cliché: "Go big or go home." Every part of it at every angle makes me squirm with dislike and discomfort.

9 I like Tom Cruise. I know he's displayed his weird side on occasion but haven't we all? I think he's cute and for the most part, as weird as people make him out to be and as weird as he may be for real, I think he's tried to be sincere to who he is. So yeah, I like him. As the saying goes, everybody is somebody's weirdo.

8 I also like Robin Wright. Actually I crush her. Can she be any more sexy and awesome?

7 The Mister thinks I should talk about this thing with my therapist. This thing is that when I learn of a song that I like, I buy it on iTunes and then I play it on repeat for at least 2 days but sometimes more. I don't think it's odd at all. It's the way I've been all my life. Love a song. Buy the song. Play it on repeat until it's been listened to death and fully digested and understood. Then let it live with all the other songs in a normal non-obsessive way. Among other things, right now it's
Say Something by A Great Big World. Gawd, I love that song.

6 Nail clippers. Is it just me or does everybody have the problem of not being anble to find nail clippers when you need them? I buy them all the time and never have them when I need them. By the way, talking and typing about clipping nails is really grossing me out. Fingernails are gross enough but then there are the toenails. Like I don't even think we should acknowledge that we have toenails.

5 I finally got a new pair of glasses from Lenscrafters. I no longer am going back and forth using two pairs. I now have a pair that accounts for all the near and far sighted issues. Hallelujah.

4 With my hair longer now, I find myself putting it up almost every day. It's a whole new me I feel! The photo shown here shows my hair up and I dig it. Hip Daughter approves, which is a good thing. And we call it "updo-ology." We actually add "ology" to everything when we are talking. Like what's for dinnerology? Did you do your homeworkology? Why are you in such a weird moodology? It's part of our unique freaky language that makes me happy and can frequently break awkward ice.

3 I just started a Chinese calligraphy class. It's very very exciting to learn all the things I've been wanting to learn, including how to grind an ink stick in slate to make my own ink. My teacher says that ink made in this way isn't necessarily superior to pre-made inks but that the process is a meditative one that gets the letterer in the mindset to letter with the ink. I think that's such a cool concept. It's a way to show respect to the process and the materials.

2 I've come to develop a strong dislike for this kind of language: "my secretary" or "my students" or "my this or that." I don't know ... the older I get the more I feel that even a few words that come out of our mouths that might seem trivial actually matter a great deal and sets the stage for the way people are treate.d How about "my colleague" or "my fellow artists" or something else that doesn't build in hierarchy or ownership into the langauge? Sort of what is on my mind in a big way lately.

1 I got nothing. I don't have a 10th thing to complete this Top 10 list but I figured that still calling it my 10 things instead of my 9 things was kind of cute and ok. It's ok, right? Ok.

Love and Rockets,


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#7. I do exactly the same thing...I listen to a new song 100 times or more then move on to the next... Not weird at all!

#7. Guess I'm at your therapy session with you - I play that son in repeat so many times that the dogs left my studio!!!! Its haunting and wonderful I can't get enough. I do this with songs that speak to me - it creates an all over good feeling - its self therapy!!!!!!

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