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February 23, 2014

Top 10 List Week 8 of 2014

 10 Things.

Photo-4710. It's that time again! Saturday, March 1st is the next Art Walk in Santa Ana's artist village! Hope you'll stop by Studio Crescendoh! I'll have my latest paintings hung and other neat stuff. Maybe some live music if I can swing that. :)

9. And then after Art Walk ... is Pam Garrison! A few spots left. :)

8. And then after Pam ... is Alena Hennessy! Yep. Just a few spots left. :)

7. One of my greatest fears is losing my car in a parking lot becasue I don't remember where I parked it. So these days whenever I park ... especially in huge structures ... I have started taking snapshots to remind me where I parked. Not just shots to show the immediate surroundings but also shots intermitently as I'm leaving the structure. I swear I could make a stop motion movie of every place I park these days. 

6. I think there should be a rule that if you're sending out inviations, that guests can RSVP via phone AND via email. I mean really. The idea of picking up the phone to talk with a human to say "yeah, i'll be there" is just beyond me.

5. So last night I went to this art/music thing. And this lovely art agent human who I didn't know came up to me to say she saw my art in the Santora and really really really loved it. So I hugged her. It seemed appropriate.

4. I've been reinspired by my friend Terry to shop for and prepare (as much as possible) the food I put in my mouth. Of course I've known the value of this practice but sometimes with life getting so busy it's easy to forget. It's a surefire way to save money and reduce consumption of bad things. There is a parallel that this has to art, I feel. Like I could get a buy a bunch of stickers and patterned papers and cutouts and make art with it but I always feel it's better when I don't use anything pre-designed or licensed or fabricated ... everything prepared straight from my hands.

3. Lately I've been eating sliced tomatoes sprinkled with a bit of coconut sugar. You haven't heard of coconut sugar? It's so good! And it's paleo. And on sliced tomatoes it's dreamy.

2. Every once in a while I make a pilgrimage to a Dick Blick store in the Los Angeles area. But this coming week, my pilgrimage will be to the Utrecht art store in Fullerton. First of all, I never knew we had such a place in the OC. And second of all, Dick Blick bought this Utrecht so I'm hoping it'll be very much like a Dick Blick. Hope so.

1. If you saw my IG feed today, you saw me modeling a shirt I bought at Albertsons! Isn't that the funniest thing? It's my second shirt I got from my local grocery store and I love both so much. Who knew? I can't wait for my next grocery shopping excursion so I can look through their single clothing rack ... located next to the painfully understaffed flowers and mylar balloons department.


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