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August 11, 2014

10 Things

10 Things on my mind right now.

Photo-810. I recently saw the movie BOYHOOD. The one where instead of hiring a boy actor and then a pre-teen actor and then a teen actor, they hired one boy and filmed the story in the course of 12 years. The story doesn't have huge dramatic happenings. Rather, the drama of everyday living. I liked it a lot. The best line in the movie was at the end: "It's always right now." So true. It's never not now. It's always right now. It's not yesterday now. It's not tomorrow now. It's now right now.

9. I haven't done a blog post in a long time. I wouldn't say it's writer's block per se because I write plenty on IG, FB and other places. So here I am again. Trying to just jump in, even though I haven't written about so much that has happened since the last post.

8. My daugher will be starting college the first week of October. I realized in observing her behavior as of late that this period of time ... the summer after high school graduation and before the start of freshman year at college is the time when you are MOST free. Late to bed, late to rise, eat some, play some, and hang out with friends some. I guess she deserves it, given the rigors that await her. But I'll be happy when this period is over.

7. I can't believe Lenny won the title of the next food network star. No offence to him but I was rooting for Luca. :(

6. Almost done reading Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami. I feel like I am related to him in some way. Or related to the characters in this beautiful novel in some way. Or the words spoken by the characters in some way. (BTW I'm a slow reader.)

5. My 16-year old son Andrew has not been in any hurry to get his driver's license. But as of late, I've been giving him lessons mostly in the giant parking lot near our house. The other day, I actually had him go on real streets and even had him go through the drive thru of a McDonalds. (In honor of Jim Gaffigan.) When the voice on the speaker asked him how she could help him, he turned to me and asked, "what do I do?" and I said "order what you want to eat." And so he ordered a filet o fish, fries, and a hot fudge sundae. And when we pulled up, he paid and got the change and got the food. I asked him how he felt and he said "like a grown up!" What a thrilling moment it was for him.

4. I really dislike the "That's not a Buick!" commercials. I wish they'd stop.

3. I recently went to the OB/GYN for my annual. Another clean bill of health and lots of praise for staying healthy. So I'm re-inspired to stay with it. To keep investing in fitness and training so that I can hopefully go for another decade or two without any medication, any surgery, any anything except for good ol' exercise and moderate eating.

2. Later this month, I'll be going to Bakersfield for a family reunion of sorts, to celebrate 40 years of being in the United States of America. We came in August of 1974. There will be so much to reflect on when we are together, I'm sure.

1. My recent trip to Korea with Monica was amazing. So many beautiful things happened, including the poignant realization that the person who made the trip possible, and my reconnection to my family possible, and my rediscovery of my heritage as an important facet of my essence possible is my late brother Jinil.


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I've missed your posts - glad you are back (I was rooting for Luca too). . .

5. When I was teaching my daughter Gracie to drive we went to the McDonalds drive thru and I didn't realize that it would be so different for the driver. When we pulled up she did the same thing what do I do? I said go ahead and order. She said "I was wondering if I could have a cheeseburger?" It still makes me laugh every time I pull up to a drive thru. Also Jim Gaffigan is my favorite comic of all time the only thing about staying in CA that upset me was that we had tickets to see him live last Saturday in Virginia but taking Jeanne Oliver's class at studio creschendoh was so awesome it made up for it more than 100%. Here's hoping that your son got "The bonus fry" with his order!

welcome back! I've missed you.

Jenny Doh I think you are awesome!

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