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August 29, 2014

8 Things :: Dog Days of Summer

8 things on my mind right now.


8. I'm convinced that most things that need to be done to the house either costs a thousand dollars or 10 thousand dollars. Like we recently had some plumbing work done. One grand. Carpeting for one small room. Another grand. A new bed. Another. Roof repair. Another. Tree trimming. Another. It feels daunting to just keep up.

7. I almost flipped out after seeing our latest electricity bill. And so we've stopped running the air in the house. And this week, I found myself (a person who loves the heat) actually cursing it becuase it was so hot. I also found myself Googling "dog days of summer" because as I was cursing it, the phrase came to mind and I really didn't know what it meant. Well what I learned is that it is the name for the most "sultry period of summer, from July 3rd to August 11th." Sultry. Interesting word choice. Makes me want to grin and bear the heat just knowing that what I'm going through isn't miserable, just sultry. 

6. Speaking of Google ... what's up with people who publically ask questions when common sense would tell them that the answers to their questions are just one Google search away? Hmmmm?

5. Same thing about people who publically ask "where can I buy that?" Uh ... that would be Amazon.

4. I ran into my former cello teacher today at Trader Joe's. She asked me whether I've been practicing. I told her the truth, which is that I've been neglecting the cello and paying more attention to the ukulele as of late. I left Trader Joe's a little dejected realizing how there's never enough time to do everything I want to do. Because the truth is that I've not just been neglecting the cello but I've also neglected a whole bunch of stuff on my "i want to try this at least once in my life" list. Sigh.

3. I was just at a kickoff event for one of my college friends who is running for our local school board position. At the event were some other mutual college friends, one of whom whispered to me "now we have to get you to run for political office." To which I said "Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Dude, I paint boats with vaginas."

2. I really adore Louis C. K. He is so wonderfully dialed into the dark side of life in such a hilarious way.

1. As if I didn't hate toll roads to begin with, I realized a week or so ago that toll roads no longer have the kiosks where you stop to throw payment in. It happened so fast that I knew I passed the usual stop without paying. And lo and behold, the bill for $61 came today. So their new system is this. If you don't have a toll account, you can pay online but only within 48 hours of driving through the toll roads. If you miss that time period, then you get a ticket. That would be me. And as Louis CK would point out, this is complete bullshit.


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Google, or whoever determined the time frame for "the dog days" must not have information about Texas heat. We have sultry in January. :) Enjoyed the posting! Laura

I'm so glad I stopped by for a visit. Your post made me smile.
8. I think you're right.
7. Us, too! First time in three years that ours skyrocketed!! And...interesting on the definition. Thanks for teaching me something new.
4. You're right, there isn't enough time to do it all, at least not all at once. I admire you constantly for all that you DO accomplish. I hope you give yourself lots of kudos for that, too. :)
3. You made me laugh out loud with this one.
Have a great week!!

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