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November 12, 2014

Rest in Peace Lisa Engelbrecht :: Trailblazing Artist

Yesterday, I learned that Lisa Engelbrecht passed away on Wednesday, November 10, 2014.

I had been aware of Lisa's health battles and though I am heartbroken with the news of her passing, I am also comforted in knowing that she is at rest. My heart goes out to her family and loved ones as they grieve the loss of an incredible human being.

I got to know Lisa Engelbrecht when I was her magazine editor. I love this shot I took of her during one of her visits to the office, as she held up her wonderful book: Modern Mark Making. I loved her visits because she always came with new and wonderful art to deliver, always with a smile and caring heart.

Lisa was a trailblazer with her lettering art as she applied her in-depth knowledge and skills and artistry to create modern reinventions that caused diverse people (including street artists) to find a voice within the world of lettering. Lisa was a leader in building a bridge for street artists to find a way into the art world and for the art world to open its heart and mind to the emergence of such a bridge.

2249_1096127246037_2153_nThrough our working relationship over the years, we developed a friendship.

This friendship was there for me after I segued from the magazine world into my new business venture ... a transition where I felt a bit wobbly at times, trying to find my footing. One of the first art workshops that I offered in my home during this transition was a lettering workshop with Lisa, right smack dab in the middle of my living room. She wowed them all. She was always there to be a sounding board, and to be a veteran artist who would lend her support to my ideas.


LisaeAfter that workshop, Lisa created art on one of the walls of my living room, which is still there, and which I treasure.


Lisa-1After this workshop, we had many other opportunities to collaborate as she taught in Studio Crescendoh, offered lettering demos in the studio during art walks, and also contributed her beautiful art for my book, Creative Lettering.

Untitled-5I believe artists ultimately want to be remembered because of the strength of their art, not necessarily because they are kind and good.

Lisa will remembered because of the strength of her art, and because she was kind and good.

Rest in peace, Lisa.

Love, Jenny





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Rest in Peace Lisa. I met her at Create and was such a nice person. She was offering writing people's name in calligraphy! Wow...gone too soon!!!

Such sad news. She left quite a legacy behind; a tribute to her talent and heart.

Jenny.... Thank you for such a beautiful tribute for such an incredible artist. Lisa was incredible and more! I can't believe this world has lost such a dear soul.

I'm so very sorry to learn of this sad news. Lisa will always be an inspiration to me. I loved her teaching style, her warmth, her creativity. I will cherish her amazing work and her signed book is truly a keepsake! My deepest sympathy to all who mourn her passing.

Yes, beautiful tribute to a beautiful person. Thank you for sharing your memories of Lisa, Jenny. xo

What a beautiful tribute to dear sweet Lisa. I'm so saddened by her death. I love your post and memories of her. Deepest sympathy to her family and friends.

A beautiful tribute to a beautiful soul is right. I was so sad to hear of this, much too young. I met Lisa so many many years ago and although our paths rarely crossed in these last years, whenever they did I was always happy for it and she was always as sweet and talented and thoughtful in words and actions. Her art and spirit will be missed.

I've never met Lisa, but am saddened by the death of such a bright spirit.

Thanks for this beautiful tribute!

I was at that workshop in your home, Jenny. Probably my 5th or 6th class with LIsa. Thanks for this tribute, and for hosting her - it was a fabulous day. I can't believe I'll never see her again. I cherish those days with her - wishing her peace.

thank you for this post

I am so saddened to know Lisa is gone from us. She was a great artist and a "light" - a really wonderful person! Jenny, thank you for your tribute.

so sorry to hear of her passing. Met her yrs ago at artfest-and took a class-she was one of those people always smiling. always remembered you~and so talented. she will be missed.

So Sorry to just hear of Lisa's passing through my fellow artist friend here in town. I was shocked! Hadn't known of her health battles but cherish the time I had with her teaching us in Calgary with the Bow Valley Guild-I came from the Lettering Arts Guild of Red Deer to take her Bali Lantern class and was thrilled to meet her in person & learn from her. Such a graceful, kind and wonderful person/calligrapher!! Thank you, Jenny for your lovely tribute to such a great lady! Sincerely, with deepest heartfelt sympathy to you and those who knew her!! She will be greatly missed!!

I never met Lisa but her artwork changed my life.

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