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March 02, 2015

Paint With Me (by appointment) and if you want to



I don't know everything about painting but what I know, I'm open to sharing during painting sessions by appointment. These sessions might be to get experience without investing in all the stuff, so you can get a sense as to whether you would like to make the investment. It may also be to have concentrated time to work on something specific. It may also be a time to gain the confidence about things before going into a class group setting. It may also be a way to enter a studio without a single tool or medium, use what I have, and go from there.

  • Half day or full day sessions.
  • By yourself or with another human.
  • Oils or acrylics or watercolors/gouache.

If you're interested, you can email me at jenny@crescendoh.com and we can calendar an appointment and I can give you a supply list of things you will need to bring.

Half day (9:30-12): $95
Full day (9:30-12 and then lunch from 12-1 and then paint 1-3:30 PM): $175

TWO or more PEOPLE
Half day: $80 per person
Full day: $160 per person

Payments via cash, check, paypal, or credit card will be accepted the day of the session. :-)

Thank you,

If a supply list stresses you out because you just don't know where to get everything, not to worry. I can provide everything you need for the session including canvases, and paints and everything else you need for a kit fee of:

  • Acrylics: $35 ///// Oils: $20 ///// Watercolors/gouache: $10

These kits can be reserved by emailing me at jenny@crescendoh.com and paid for during class time.

ABOUT LUNCH: When it's time for lunch, I'm usually ravenous and typically, I walk to an eatery near the studio to eat. You are welcome to join me at one of my favorite eateries or you are welcome to fly solo and do your own lunch adventure or you can even stay in the studio and work without taking a break while I go and eat. Totally up to you. :-)



Hi Jenny,
I'd like to schedule an all day appointment with you for a few things. I've been painting with acrylics for a couple of years now, but I only paint once or twice a month. So, this is what I'd like to accomplish:
- Paint about 3 times a week and gradually increase it.
- Learn to paint more loosely and expressively.
- Make a plan of what I will paint; set up still lifes, use photos, from my head, etc.
- To copy styles I like until my style emerges.
- I need some ideas or suggestions of how to set up a simple area to work with the least amount of supplies, because right now it's my dining table, and if I have to be packing up too many supplies and moving them back and forth, I lose my momentum.
- I work full time, so I'd like to work on small paintings first, until I feel confident and am painting several times a week, and then move on to larger canvases.
I think this is it for now.
I have some days off in December - 28, 29, & 30th. Are you working those days?
If not, I'll probably have to schedule a Saturday, if you're available.

I look forward to hearing back from you.
Thank you,
Lori Engle

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