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January 25, 2017

#resistancelog ("alternate truth" edition) :: January 25, 2017


I just love #SethMeyers and his Closer Look videos. He's so smart and so good at making connections and pointing out ironies. In one such video, he used his comedic genius to point out how ridiculous it's been to have the White House spend so much time spreading lies about stupid stuff, like attendance numbers at the inauguration. But his final point was so important, which was this: Small lies (e.g., inauguration numbers) inoculate us from the big lies (e.g., Putin, voter fraud, climate change).

Like rabbits, when we stay in a pot of boiling water for too long, we become fully cooked. Because we are living in an era where it's become un-American to criticize Putin and American to criticize American women (most notably by Indiana State Senator/Misogynist Jack Sandlin who just called participants of the Women's March as "fat women.") I mean ... it just hurts to be awake these days.

It hurts to hear that. And if I were to say regarding Sandlin, "What a misogynist pea-brain," it hurts even more to hear a fascist supporter say "you shouldn't name-call." Kill me now.

UPSIDE: I just ordered a cute "Nasty Women Unite" cropped tee and I am knitting tiny pussyhat pins for my resistance buddies. I'm gonna turn 50 in just 6 days. And my plan is to combat the hurt by participating in the biggest resistance of my lifetime fully awake and with immense artistry and style. #resist #fascism #resistance #resistwithstyle


I saw that segment and totally agree with him and you. BTW if you're selling your pussy hat pins I'd love to buy one.

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