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August 23, 2017

550 First Star

In solidarity

550 First Star
8x10 inches :: original oil painting on gessobord
Click here to Bid or Buy

I referenced a photo of @elizachemendia as captured by @agataserge and curated by @theportraitprOject for this work. After I painted the portrait, I painted a Star of David onto her blouse, inspired by #BillyJoel who recently gave a concert wearing a Star of David on his jacket ... to simply and powerfully protest the latest resurgence of Neo-Nazis in America who have become emboldened to march without hoods, many wearing MAGA hats, chanting "Jews will not replace us" and "Fuck you faggots."

During the Holocaust (1941 to 1945), Nazis in Germany hated the Jewish people and targeted them as scapegoats for societal woes and systematically murdered approximately 6 million of them.

How did a people get to that place of hating a group so much that they systematically murdered them? Could it happen again? Only if we put our heads in the sand and avoid resisting the ignorant madness.

#resistancelog #resist #artdoesnotbackdown #artandactivismlog #allaprima



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