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October 30, 2012

Announcing :: Crochet Hemp

Announcing :: www.crochethemp.com

Of all the yarns and threads that exist in the world, my very favorite that I love to crochet and knit with is hemp yarn. I love how it looks and how it feels. But of course you know that by now. :)

Crochet Hemp

As a fiber artist who has been working with hemp yarn for years, it seemed natural and logical for me to research the highest quality premium hemp yarn available and bring it to fiber artists at a most competitive price. This process of research led me to a Romanian manufacturer of hemp yarn where they use a natural process with hemp that is grown organically and processed without chemicals in order to preserve the integrity of the precious fibers.

Crochet Hemp

Crochet HempIt is a thrill for me to introduce a brand new line of hemp yarns that we call Crochet Hemp, available at www.crochethemp.com.

Crochet Hemp

And you know me. I like to keep things simple and minimal. And that means just four delightful variations of Crochet Hemp:

  • 3-strand natural
  • 12-strand natural
  • 3-strand bleached
  • 12-strand bleached

Crochet Hemp
I'm pretty convinced that with just these four yarns, I can conquer the world. :)

I hope you'll visit www.crochethemp.com and join me in discovering the joy and beauty of the fiber arts with these exquisite yarns.

September 26, 2012

Baker's Twine & Hemp Scallop Crocheted Cuff Tutorial

Oh how I love crocheting with baker's twine and hemp yarn. This is the latest cuff I made. Super cute and easy. Here's how I did it:

Materials Needed:

  • 3-ply baker's twine (Yarn A)
  • 3-ply hemp yarn (Yarn B)
  • Crochet hook: US B/1 (2.25mm)
  • Tapestry needle

crochet cuff tutorialTo begin: With yarn A, ch 7, turn.
Row 1: Sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across, turn (you now have 6 sc).
Row 2: Ch 1, sc in each sc, turn.
Repeat Row 2 until the piece fits the circumference of your wrist, turn.
Button Hole Start: Ch 1, sc in first sc, ch 4, sc in last sc, turn.
Button Hole Finish: Ch 1, sc in each sc.
Fasten off.

crochet cuff tutorial
crochet cuff tutorialEdge Trim: With right side facing you and button hole at top, draw up a loop of yarn B at upper left corner of the cuff, near the button hole; ch 1, sc evenly spaced around, join with sl st in first sc.

crochet cuff tutorial
crochet cuff tutorial
Scallop Edge: Ch 1, *3 sc in next sc, sl st in next sc; repeat from * to end. Fasten off.
crochet cuff tutorial
Use yarn B to crochet a heart using the pattern found here. With tapestry needle sew it onto one of the short edges of the cuff. Weave in all ends.
crochet cuff tutorial
crochet cuff tutorial
Easy Peasy.

Happy crochet. :)

September 21, 2012

Crocheted Heart Bracelet Tutorial

Check out my cute little crocheted heart bracelet.

Jenny Doh
Start by crocheting a little heart using baker's twine. The pattern for the crocheted heart can be found here. With a tapestry needle, thread a piece of red perle cotton through the middle of the heart.

crochet heart tutorialTie both layers of the perle cotton close to one side of the heart.

crocheted tutorialDo the same thing to the other side.

crocheted tutorialTiethe ends of the first layer of perle cotton into a loop.

crochet tutorial
Thread the other layers of perle cotton into a vintage white button and tie the ends close to the button.
crochet tutorialTrim excess and it's ready to be worn!

crochet tutorial

August 25, 2012

Project Home Ec Fundraiser for Water.org :: Zoofari & Crocheted Bear Ears

Tonight is Zoofari. One of the best events that I get to attend all year, given that one of the things that The Mister oversees for The City of Santa Ana (along with all the parks, rec centers, and the library) is the beautiful Santa Ana Zoo. Zoofari is the annual black-tie gala where guests are invited to dress in black-tie with a twist ... in honor of the animals. So tonight, I'll be taking my dress to the event but it will likely be used late at night, when the heat dies down, as a jacket that I wear over this dress. 

Jenny Doh

For some reason, I had the darnest time getting a head-to-toe shot of the dress with my favorite pair of red shoes on ... but you can sort of see one of the shoes peeking out in the shot below.

Jenny Doh

Oh, and of course, my twist to the black tie will be my crocheted bear ears ... one of the many projects that will found in my new book, Crochet Love :: 25+ Zakka-Inspired Projects ... coming out in 2013. Super fun.

Jenny Doh

I'll try and snap some shots of the fun scenes from Zoofari tonight on my Instagram ... keep up with my Instagrams here.

water fundraiser
Help me bring clean water to the world and help me dress up my dress with your handmade accessory by sponsoring me here.

August 02, 2012

Crochetologie Workshop in Studio CRESCENDOh :: Aug 11th

I'm super excited to announce my special Crochetologie workshop in Studio CRESCENDOh, which will take place on Saturday, August 11th, where I will teach you how to make these cute little crocheted house slippers. Enrollment is open right here.

Jenny Doh

We'll start in the morning by crocheting in the round to make the toe area, then straight single crochet stitches to finish up the rest of the slipper and then finish putting the heel together.

Jenny DohAfter lunch, we'll learn to crochet the scalloped trim, the Mary Jane strap, and any other embellishements that you desire.

Jenny DohFor those who work super fast, I'll also teach how to scale the pattern down to make a pair for a baby. So cute. :)

IMJenny Doh

The studio will provide students with enough Crochet•Hemp yarn to make the slippers. This is a brand new yarn that Crescendoh will be releasing in the months ahead.
Jenny Doh
Enrollment is now open. Enroll here.

See you in Studio CRESCENDOh. :)

July 03, 2012

Studio Explorations :: Don't Dodge Love

You remember this crocheted heart tutorial, right?

Jenny Doh

I crocheted the heart with Baker's twine and then attached to my journal page.

Jenny DohAnd then I added some doodles and three little words that have been floating in my mind as of late.

Jenny DohDon't dodge love.

April 19, 2012

Crochet & Stencil Tutorial :: Spring 2012 Stencil Hop with Balzer Designs & The Crafter's Workshop

I am so happy to be part of the Spring 2012 Stencil Hop with Balzer Designs, featuring the wonderful new stencils designed by Julie Balzer for The Crafter's Workshop. The stencil that I have used for this project is the Pointy Circles stencil, in both the large and small sizes.

Julie Balzer Stencil Hop
I started with a rectangle that I crocheted with rows of simple single crochet stitches, using 12-ply hemp yarn. I added some accent crochet on the top and bottom edges with white cotton yarn. I sprayed fabric adhesive to the back side of the large stencil and placed the stencil right on top of the crochet. Then I spray painted it black. The reason I used the spray adhesive is because it allowed the stencil to touch the textured crochet super close and tight, allowing the spray paint to land precisely on the crochet.
JulieaHow cool is that?
Julie3I spray painted a shipping tag using the smaller Pointy Circles stencil. No spray adhesive needed. So cute.

Julie4I added a little crochted heart to the top of the tag. (Pattern for the heart can be found here.) And I added text with a white gel pen.

Jenny Doh
I took a thinner piece of hemp and weaved it on the top edge of the crochet and attached it to a twig. I also attached the tag with crocheted heart to the twig.

Crafter's Workshop Stencils
On my front door this piece hangs ... to let visitors know about what it is that lives in this home and and guides the people in it.

crochet and stencil tutorial
Many thanks to the talented Julie Balzer for inviting me to be part of this stencil hop and also to the good people at Crafter's Workshop. Check out other cool projects using the Pointy Circles Stencil by these talented participants: 

Traci Bunkers

Ronda Palazzari

And of course if you want to see the collected projects using this stencil, check out Julie Balzer's site here:

Julie Fei-Fan Balzer

And check out the entire line of kickin' stencils from Crafter's Workshop here.


April 12, 2012

Crocheted Tag & Heart Tutorial

Check out my crocheted tag. So cute, right?
Here's how I made it ...

Jenny Doh

With 12-ply hemp yarn, ch 9.
Row 1: Sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across (8 sc).
Rows 2-12: Ch 1, sc in each sc across.
Row 13: Sc2tog, sc in each of next 4 sc, sc2tog (6 sc).
Row 14: Ch 1, sc in each sc across.
Fasten off. With tapestry needle, weave in all ends. Attach a piece of bleached hemp yarn at top edge of tag.

With bleached hemp yarn, ch 3, join with sl st to make ring, [ch 3, 2 dc, 3 sc] in ring, ch 1, dc in ring, ch 1, [3 sc, 2 dc] in ring, ch 2, sl st in ring.
Fasten off. With hand embroidery needle and white thread, stitch the heart to the tag. With tapestry needle, weave in all ends.

crocheted tag tutorial

April 11, 2012

Yarn Bombing Tutorial :: Crochet Edition

Remember when I knit a cozy for The Mister's car way back when?
Well, thought I'd crochet one for my car this time ... with a little tutorial for those of you who would like to do the same.

Jenny Doh

With worsted weight 12-ply hemp yarn, ch 4.
Rows 1-about 15 or so: Ch 1, sc in each sc across (3 sc).
Fasten off.

crochet yarn bombing

Place the crocheted band aroud the inner side of rear view mirror and whipstitch in place with a tapestry needle, and weave in all ends.

crochet yarn bomb tutorial

Happy crochet. :)


April 05, 2012

DIY Crocheted Baker's Twine Petal Flowers Tutorial and Pattern

So you remember my crocheted buttons, right? Here's what I did to them to make this pretty garland.

To begin: Draw up a loop of 12-ply Baker's twine, ch 2.

IMG_2753To make the first petal: 2 dc, 1 sl st in same sc, sc in next sc.

IMG_2761Repeat the petal pattern around crocheted button until you have made 6 petals. Join with a sl st.


jenny doh
String the flowers to make a garland. Wear it as a necklace, tie it on a gift, make it into a brooch.

Happy crochet. :)

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