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May 14, 2013

Unintended Doggy on My Parasol

Do you see the cute little doggy? I hadn't intended on creating him but I was so happy to see him appear when I finished doodling on my papaer parasol and then closed the parasol up. An unintended but super wonderful surprise.


Jenny DohWhen the parasol opens, the doggy goes away. See?
Jenny Doh
When fully opened, you can't even imagine that a doggy would be anywhere near ... but all the other doodles come to life.

Jenny DohI made this during a class at French General, taught by my pal Pam Garrison. It was a wonderful afternoon with lots of great students who all did some very creative work making their unique paper parasols.
Pam GarrisonCheck out this one that my pal Amy Hanna made ... a letter for her daughters, filled with warm, loving words. It was fun to watch her make it.
Amy HannaHere we both are with our parasols.

Amy Hanna and Jenny DohAnd here's a final photo that I really adore ... warm, kind of mysterious, and surrounded by art friends and parasols.

April 22, 2013

A Workshop to Remember with Christy Tomlinson

Thought I'd share with you some photos and some thoughts regarding the 2-day workshop that we just finished in Studio CRESCENDOh with Christy Tomlinson. Here is our official group shot that we took at the end of the 2-days. Can you tell that we totally bonded? Because we did. It was an amazing group of artists.

jenny doh
I was so impressed with Christy's teaching style ... gentle, informative, generous, and patient ... and just so able to gently coax out the unique artistic voice in all who came.
lynn and christyAnd all who came included women with differing levels of experience, and an enthusiasm to make art.
jenelle and libbyChristy loved on each and every student and made sure that everyone experienced success.

christy tomlinsonOne of the things I always love about events such as these is how Studio CRESCENDOh welcomes people from all walks of life without requiring anyone to jump through hoops or contests of popularity or other pretenses. I'm so proud that people can come and enter just as they are, to find acceptance, integrity, and a focus on art. This has always been important to me.


After two days of intense art-making, we had a final show-and-tell.
IMG_9194It was marvelous. We got to see the fruits of everyone's labor as we offered and gathered feedback.

IMG_9197By the time it was over, we didn't want to leave. We had all become SO bonded.
But you know what the good news is? Christy is coming back to teach in Studio CRESCENDOh! How cool is that? It'll either be later in 2013 or some time in 2014.

You heard it here first ... so for everyone who was on the waiting list for this workshop, I hope you'll stay tuned to our master calendar and get a chance to participate in the next one.

IMG_9205And of course no workshop is complete without the silly group picture, right? Here it is.

jenny dohONE FINAL NOTE:
A recap about this past weekend would not be complete without mentioning Chrissy Gardner. Chrissy is a dear friend of Christy's who came to the workshop to provide support and just a constant source of positivity and enthusiasm. I can't tell you how strongly I connected with Chrissy. I feel that the universe gave me a huge gift by introducing her to me through Christy and I'm thrilled to call her friend.

Chrissy is also a talented artist in her own right. She'll also be returning to Studio CRESCENDOh to teach a workshop on the totally NOW and totally fabulous topic of Chalk Art. I'm very excited. More on that later.

Chrissy Gardner
Many many thanks to everyone who made this past weekend so memorable. :)

March 05, 2013

Announcing :: 2-Day Workshop with Katie Kendrick

I am so honored to announce that the incredible Katie Kendrick will be teaching a 2-day mixed-media workshop titled Nourishing the Creative Heart in Studio CRESCENDOh this June 29-30.

Katie Kendrick

During the workshop, Katie will help students explore personal expression, focusing on methods found in collage, painting, and a combination of those mediums to create personal mixed media work.

Katie Kendrick

It's really more than a painting class. More than a collage class. It's a class where Katie will help students discover and uncover our authentic, creative selves.

Katie Kendrick

Students are asked to bring watercolor paper, collage materials, paints, paintbrushes, and a few other tools and materials that will be used throughout both days.

Katie Kendrick

I've been a fan of Katie's artwork for many, many years and I"m honored and thrilled that she is traveling all the way to southern California to offer this very special class.

Katie Kendrick

Enrollment is now open here and space is limited. Students of all levels and experiences are welcome. Even if you've never painted before or you think you are "not an artist," we welcome you with open arms and open heart.

See you in Studio CRESCENDOh. :)


February 10, 2013

The Awesome Stephane Lee

On this, the second and final day of Stephanie Lee's awesome plaster workshop, she taught students how to apply encaustic wax onto the pieces that they had layered with plaster, joint compound, paints, inks, and other assorted layers.

Here she is with Jenelle, assessing a piece that had been waxed before adding heat to it with a blow torch ... and then going for it and adding the heat.

stephanie lee and jenelle van de mortel
stephane lee and jenelle van de mortel
Aside from the individualized attention that Stephanie gave each student, she provided an immense amount of information and knowledge through mini lectures and demonstrations.
stephanie leeA truly masterful teacher.

stephanie leeIt was a dream come true for me to have Stephanie teach in Studio CRESCENDOh. I've been a fan of her art for so many years. Her minimalist aesthetic, her profound design sensibility, and the soulfulness and vulnerability that she allows into her works that connect with me so deeply.

I'm thrilled to be the owner of two of her original art pieces. You can see one of them here and part of the other here as well. I fell in love with them as soon as I saw them. Can't wait to hang them.
stephanie leeAnd guess what?

Stephanie will be returning to Studio Crescendoh in 2014 to teach a topic for which she has been a true maverick: metalsmithing. Very, very excited.

stephanie lee

January 02, 2013

Crafting Fitness 2.0 :: Why Do You Eat?

Crafting Fitness 2.0 invites you to join Crystal Crunch (as performed by Monica Mouet) to answer the question: Why do you eat?

Monica mouet
Online classes begin February 4th.
Enrollment open here.
Fit. Fun. Real.

August 02, 2012

Crochetologie Workshop in Studio CRESCENDOh :: Aug 11th

I'm super excited to announce my special Crochetologie workshop in Studio CRESCENDOh, which will take place on Saturday, August 11th, where I will teach you how to make these cute little crocheted house slippers. Enrollment is open right here.

Jenny Doh

We'll start in the morning by crocheting in the round to make the toe area, then straight single crochet stitches to finish up the rest of the slipper and then finish putting the heel together.

Jenny DohAfter lunch, we'll learn to crochet the scalloped trim, the Mary Jane strap, and any other embellishements that you desire.

Jenny DohFor those who work super fast, I'll also teach how to scale the pattern down to make a pair for a baby. So cute. :)

IMJenny Doh

The studio will provide students with enough Crochet•Hemp yarn to make the slippers. This is a brand new yarn that Crescendoh will be releasing in the months ahead.
Jenny Doh
Enrollment is now open. Enroll here.

See you in Studio CRESCENDOh. :)

June 05, 2012

Pam Garrison's Art Journaling Class Enrollment Now Open!

Okey dokey everyone.
The class enrollment page for Pam Garrison's fantastic 2-day Art Journaling class is up right here!

Untitled-1By the end of the experience, each student will walk away with two different journals that they will have made, one traditional long stitch with watercolor paper and one non-traditional and freeform with mix-and-match papers. Students will also have many pages started and some completed, with guidance from Pam in terms of her methods, her favorite pens, inks, paints, and other journaling goodness.

There will be a very special kit for each student, along with some awesome sponsored goodies coming our way from our sponsors, including JetPens.com and JohnNealBooks.com. (More about our sponsors in a future post.)

Hope you'll join Pam and me for two delicious days of journaling fun.

Enroll here.

May 03, 2012

Announcing :: Incised to Perfection with Chris Cozen

I am very excited to announce a brand new 2-day painting class in Studio CRESCENDOh
July 7-8, 2012
with Chris Cozen titled, Incised to Perfection.

Chris Cozen
The first day will be all aboutdeveloping colorful and loose under-paintings and applying textures and then incising flowing lines within the textures.

Chris Cozen

The second daywill be about color glazing and completing compositions with additional paint and glaze layers.

Chris Cozen
The studio will provide each student with two canvases to work on, along with samples of Chris's favorite acrylic paints and textures by Golden Artist Colors. Chris will also bring ample amounts of these paints and textures for students to use during class.

Chris Cozen

Enrollment is now open here.
See you in the Studio. :)

May 02, 2012

Announcing :: Instant Watch :: Online Classes

One thing I know about learning is that there are different ways that people learn. Some people learn best when there are lots of opportunities to interact with teachers and students ... while others prefer to learn quietly, through observation and personal work without necessarily the interaction with teachers and students.

instant watch
I'm happy to announce that our Creative Lab, where we offer our online classes will now start offering our classes in a new Instant Watch (IW) format ... for those who prefer to view content instantly, and learn quietly, without the interactive component. At this time, two of our online classes are available through our Instant Watch program as follows:

INSTANT WATCH :: The Keys to Publishing & Building Creative Momentum. The high quality content is viewable instantly without the interactive component, to be enjoyed whenever you please, without the content ever being closed.

INSTANT WATCH :: Crafting Fitness. Again, high quality conetnt that is viewable instantly, without the interactive component to be enjoyed whenever you please, without the content ever being closed.

As we move forward with new online classes, we will first launch them with the interactive component, and then once the courses are completed, we will offer them as Instant Watch options. For either option, the first step is to enroll in either the live version or the IW version and also to make sure that you are enrolled in our Creative Lab.

See you in the Creative Lab. :)

January 05, 2012

Creating Meaning with Lisa Engelbrecht & Quinn McDonald

studio crescendoh
It's the first week of the year and I can already feel it whizzing by. Can you?

I've been gathering sticks, my writing instruments, and inks as I prepare myself to learn from two great teachers this month: Lisa Engelbrecht and Quinn McDonald.

As much as I love to lead and facilitate and teach, I also love to learn. Maybe I love it more. To soak in methods, wisdom, and perspectives from teachers who have so much to offer.

If you are in the southern California area, I hope you'll consider joining me as we learn from these two amazing teachers who will get us to creatively and artistically make marks, and make meaning.

See you in the studio. :)

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