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March 11, 2016

186 Understudy

186 Understudy186 Understudy

8x10 inches :: watercolor and collage on heavyweight watercolor paper

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I painted the face quite a while ago and finished the work by adding the collage today. When I collage, I don't use references. It's just a feeling as I move adored elements around and around until I like it. Minimalist collage is what I like to think of it. An aesthetic that I feel is a breath of fresh air.

January 20, 2014

Three Recent Collages :: Spliced

Thought I'd share with you my series of three collages. I dig them.

COLLAGE #1 and Detail


Jenny Doh 5

COLLAGE #2 and Detail

Jenny Doh 2


COLLAGE #3 and Detail


Jenny Doh 3

Jenny Doh 4

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