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January 03, 2013

Crafting Fitness 2.0 :: The Art and Joy of Jumping Rope

This past year, I'd say that the emails I've gotten from readers on the topic of my passion for the jump rope has surpassed any other topic that readers write to me about. 

Indeed, the jump rope has been key for me in terms of my dedication to fitness in this current season of my life. It's a simple tool that can get you into shape if you use it regularly. And I'll explain how I jump ... from A to Z ... in Crafting Fitness 2.0, which you can learn about here.

crafting fitness

January 02, 2013

Crafting Fitness 2.0 :: Why Do You Eat?

Crafting Fitness 2.0 invites you to join Crystal Crunch (as performed by Monica Mouet) to answer the question: Why do you eat?

Monica mouet
Online classes begin February 4th.
Enrollment open here.
Fit. Fun. Real.

January 01, 2013

Announcing :: Crafting Fitness 2.0 :: A NEW Online Class

I'm super excited and thrilled to finally be able to announce my brand NEW online course for the New Year: Crafting Fitness 2.0.
I've been hard at work with my team to get it ready. It will be a 3-week course that begins February 4th where we will share our stories, set our goals, and support one another as we make a commitment to fitness. Along with the Creative Lab group, we will be opening a Facebook group that allows us to stay connected throughout the day for support and accountability.

No matter where you are at in terms of your current fitness level, trust me on this ... we are all in it together in terms of struggles, embarrassments, and most of all, a desire to be fit, healthy, attractive, and confident. There is no such thing as hopeless or impossible. With sincere commitment, everyone can do it.

Enrollment and more details about the class can be found HERE.

Fit. Fun. Real. Happy New Year. :)

May 02, 2012

Announcing :: Instant Watch :: Online Classes

One thing I know about learning is that there are different ways that people learn. Some people learn best when there are lots of opportunities to interact with teachers and students ... while others prefer to learn quietly, through observation and personal work without necessarily the interaction with teachers and students.

instant watch
I'm happy to announce that our Creative Lab, where we offer our online classes will now start offering our classes in a new Instant Watch (IW) format ... for those who prefer to view content instantly, and learn quietly, without the interactive component. At this time, two of our online classes are available through our Instant Watch program as follows:

INSTANT WATCH :: The Keys to Publishing & Building Creative Momentum. The high quality content is viewable instantly without the interactive component, to be enjoyed whenever you please, without the content ever being closed.

INSTANT WATCH :: Crafting Fitness. Again, high quality conetnt that is viewable instantly, without the interactive component to be enjoyed whenever you please, without the content ever being closed.

As we move forward with new online classes, we will first launch them with the interactive component, and then once the courses are completed, we will offer them as Instant Watch options. For either option, the first step is to enroll in either the live version or the IW version and also to make sure that you are enrolled in our Creative Lab.

See you in the Creative Lab. :)

December 02, 2011

NEW Online Class :: The Keys to Publishing & Building Creative Momentum

I'm excited to announce my NEW online class for 2012. It's regarding the topic that I get approached to talk about more than any other topic. The topic of how to get published ... in books, magazines, and online. Every time I delve into these conversations with creative people, there are two truths that I come away with:

  • The nuts and bolts of how to get published ... how to develop a proposal, how to make a pitch, and how to follow up with the details to make it happen ... these nuts and bolts are the easy part.
  • Being clear about the heart of what you want to publish, knowing your intent for wanting to be published, and having the discipline to work on that heart and intent in a committed and consistent basis is the hard part.

In this course, we will examine both the heart of what you want to share with the creative world in terms of what you create, and demystify the process of sharing your work through publications. We will also discuss how to leverage other "spokes of the creative wheel" in terms of teaching, selling, and relationship building to develop and strengthen your overall creative momentum.

We will also learn a dramatic lesson about the process of letting go and coping with worst case scenarios. We'll dig deep, think critically and prepare our strategies in three highly focused weeks of curriculum that will remain available for you to review again and again throughout the entire 2012 in The Creative Lab.

Classes begin January 23rd. Cost is $48. Enrollment is open now right here.


Jenny is author and packager of numerous art and crafting books. Discover her books to date here.

Jenny is founder and publisher of www.crescendoh.com, and former Editor-in-Chief of Somerset Studio and its many sister magazines. For her leadership in publishing, Jenny was recognized by Folio magazine as one of the top 40 leaders within the publishing industry 

September 10, 2011

Everyday Extraordinary :: Class of 2011

:: Everyday Extraordinary ::
Assembling a new batch of kits for a new batch of students.

crafting my best life

crafting my best life
Classes begin October 3rd.
Details for enrollment found here.

September 05, 2011

Crafting My Best Life :: Class of 2011

One of the biggest highlights for me in 2010 was developing the curriculum for my very first online class where the founding classmates and I explored together these three questions:

It was a transformative experience for the participants and since that time, many people have requested that the class be opened up and offered again, which is exactly what we are doing today. 

Crafting My Best Life, Class of 2011 is the same quality content that the founding class experienced, being offered to a brand new group of students. The curriculum helps us get real, dig deep, and explore the answers to these questions which are complex and multi-layered. It's a curriculum based on a belief that in order to be the best that we can be, we have to roll up our sleeves, and work hard to deliberately face who we are, and to identify our values, so that we can map out our best life strategies.

I hope you'll join me as we explore topics that will challenge us, get us thinking, and most of all, embrace ways to be our best selves in every facet of our lives. You can enroll for Crafting My Best Life, Class of 2011 right here. Class will begin October 3, 2011. Upon enrollment, each student will receive a FREE kit that includes a CMBL zine ...

crafting my best life

And together, we will alter and decorate our best life boxes that look like this ...

crafting my best life
See you in class. :)

August 25, 2011

Giveaway #22: Create Health + Ruffle Apron

For the last several weeks, I've had the pleasure of working with Dr. Shamanie Haneca to help prepare the content that she has developed for her new online class, Create Health. It has been so inspiring for me personally, because the content is top-notch, high-quality, and packed with information. It has renewed my commitment to health and fitness. One of the guests in this online workshop series is the talented Jeanne Oliver:

Jeanne oliver
Jeanne is not only a fabulous artist, designer, and photographer, she is also a patient of Dr. Haneca. In a special segment within the Create Health workshop, Jeanne shares her powerful story of  how her life transformed for the better by making simple changes in her diet.

Throughout the course, Shamanie and her husband Nick bring us into their kitchen to demonstrate how to prepare and cook nutritious and delicious meals.

The class begins September 5th and runs for 4 weeks. It is through The Creative Lab where you will be able to interact with all the participants as well as the instructor. The content will remain up for several months so even if you can't join in on September 5th, you can jump in whenever you are ready and catch up. In honor of this exciting class, I am happy to announce a very special giveaway. Please leave a comment on this post about your health and fitness goals no later than this Sunday, August 28th, 5:00 PM (PST). One lucky winner will be selected to win a spot in the Create Health online course, along with one of the famous Jeanne Oliver Ruffle Aprons (as worn by Dr. Haneca above) and shown below.

ruffle apron
I hope you'll join me for this exciting online class. You can enroll here.

See you in the Lab. :)

EDIT: The winner of the giveaway is Joy, with comment #13:


August 01, 2011

NEW Online Class! Create Health with Dr. Shamanie Haneca

I'm honored to announce that our next online class is here! It is a 4-week class developed by Dr. Shamanie Haneca ... who is one of our columnists in The Good Coach department on the topic of health and nutrition.

Shamanie HanecaIn her practice, she sees clients every day to help them develop strategies on optimizing health. I know firsthand how effective her methods are as my own husband was able to modify his diet based on knowledge she shared about leading a gluten-free life and now enjoys a life without the allergies that he had been battling for most of his life!

Shamanie Haneca
Joining Shamanie in the kitchen will be her wonderful husband, Nick, as they share tips and tricks on how to prepare some of their favorite healthy and nutrious meals.

Shamanie Haneca
I hope you'll join me, Dr. Haneca, and Nick as we create the most valuable thing in our lives: our health. Visit CRESCENDOh Creative Lab right here to enroll.

April 18, 2011

"I Wish I Could Crochet"

So after we turn the knitting wish into a reality, we'll tackle the wish to crochet in the second week of class as we take the mystery out of crochet. It's not rocket science. Just a bit of time and focus is all you need to crochet a little flower embellishment ...

Jenny Doh And other crocheted motifs that will help beautify your knitted house and open up the doors for your future crochet adventures.

Jenny Doh Are you a wisher or crochet? Then grab your hook and join us for Knit Crochet Love. You'll be crocheting in no time. See you in the Lab. :)

Knit Crochet Love

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