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January 12, 2011

You Say You Want a Free Motion Revolution

It's time to let down your hair, lower your feed dogs, and join the revolution. Free Motion Revolution: a brand new online class by Cynthia Shaffer and Jenny Doh.

Cynthia Shaffer
A class like none other ...

  • 12 awesome projects
  • 1 incredible kit
  • valuable sewing and quilting tips & tricks

See you at The Lab. ;)

December 21, 2010

Beautiful Kit for Romancing the Paper

Our team has been busy at work helping prepare Rachel Emilie Jackson's class kit for her very first online class ever: Romancing the Paper. Let's open it up and see what's inside, shall we? 

rachel emilie jackson
Included in the kit is a 1-inch bristly brush, blank tea bags, glassine, heavy hot-pressed watercolor paper, vellum, and other assorted elements.

rachel emilie jackson
These clean, simple elements are what Rachel will refer to during her class as she teaches techniques that students will be learn and use to create a final stitched paper book project.

rachel emilie jackson The project will incorporate painting, gessoing, stamping, stitching, and using dried and treated flowers and elements from nature.

rachel emilie jackson
I have been a huge fan of Rachel's work for many years and I am so excited about this class. It is a dream come true to finally be able to learn the signature techniques of this truly masterful artist from England in this, her very first online class. I hope you'll join me, Rachel, and all of the other class participants for Romancing the Paper. See you in The Lab. :)

December 06, 2010

NEW Online Class with Rachel Emilie Jackson :: Romancing the Paper

To me, the words "romance" and "paper" are synonymous with Rachel Emilie Jackson ... an artist from England, with whom I've had the pleasure of working for many, many years. Those of you who know her work know that she loves to dry and treat flowers and other elements from nature.


REJclasspromo2(2) She also has a masterful way of using paints, gesso, and inks to treat papers and incorporate the dried flowers and elements ...


REJclasspromo6(2) I'm just so thrilled and excited that Rachel will be teaching her very first online class through The Creative Lab, where she will teach these treasured techniques that will allow each student to create a final book project. The class is called Romancing the Paper and enrollment is now open.

RTPPromo-1 Hope you'll join me for this very special class with Rachel Emilie Jackson. See you in The Lab. :)

December 05, 2010

The Taste of Fitness

I've been having lots of fun getting the first batch of kits assembled and ready to ship out for my first online class for 2011: Crafting Fitness.

IMG_4081Preparing the kits and developing the curriculum has gotten me to do deep examination of my food and exercise history ... like how from the age of 0-7, all I ate was vegetables, rice, and fish. And then from the age of 7 and beyond, upon coming to America, my diet changed radically.

IMG_4075 And throughout my adulthood, my eating and exercise habits traveled a most interesting path to the point more than 12 years ago when I decided to get really and truly serious about fitness, as I sobered up to some serious facts like ...

  • carrying an extra 11 pounds of weight increases the likelihood of heart disease by 25%
  • carrying an extra 25 pounds of weight increases the likelihood of heart disease by 200-300%

IMG_4088And as much as I struggled to modify what and how much I ate once I decided, I tell ya, everything turned around for me and I am here to testify that there's nothing that tastes as wonderful and delicious as fitness.

IMG_4071 I'm looking forward to digging deep with all of the classmates in Crafting Fitness where in the New Year, we'll craft, we'll think critically, and we'll start the first of many steps we take in the journey of embracing fitness not just for a day or a week or a month, but for the long term. A new path.

See you in The Lab. :)

November 17, 2010

Awkward Mice

Check out this fabulous piece of art I made at Silver Bella. Isn't it cute? I just love it. I love everything about it. It's a piece that I made during one of Lynn Whipple's class where I learned so much by watching her masterful demos and receiving all the knowledge that she so generously passed on to the students. And the students really loved Lynn. Deservedly so.

Jenny Doh

During Silver Bella, I also had the privilege of being roommates with Lynn. What fun we had! Though we have worked together for quite some time (including some current special projects that are percolating) I had never met her in person. Lynn is not only an incredible artist, but one of the most warm, friendly, smart, hilariously funny, and deeply in-touch people I've met. A class act all the way.

Lynn Whipple
In 2011, Lynn will be leading a collage class in our Creative Lab where she will teach and demo her very unique collage techniques. Lots of fun to be had. Stay tuned. :)

awkward mouse

{NOTE: It's funny that this art and these words "awkward mouse" is what I ended up making. I think it's because believe it or not, I am shy by nature. And especially when I attend new events (like Silver Bella) I get nervous and wonder if I'll fit in. It's something that probably a lot of us go through, right? And when I feel that nervousness, I sometimes feel like an awkward mouse. But you know what? I think that's OK. It's OK to feel nervous sometimes. I think that's what keeps us real and humble and causes us to work hard at being attentive and treat others with respect and sincerity.}

November 07, 2010

Minding My Own Plate

Ahhh ... a peanut butter sandwich with a tall glass of milk. Nothing quite like it, right? So when in my early 30s I made the decision to embrace fit, I started observing my eating habits and also observing the eating habits of those around me. One of the early observations that I made was that I had gotten into the habit of not only eatig from my plate, but the plates of my children.

IMG_3410 I would finish my sandwich and milk and be in a state of full. A fine place to be.

IMG_3412 But then I'd look over at my child's plate and see that she hadn't finished her sandwich, nor her milk. And I got into the habit of eating her leftovers not just at lunch, but at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Multiply that by 2 kids and you can imagine how many excess calories I consumed, not because I was hungry, but despite the fact that I was full. By doing this, I allowed myself to chronically get to a state of very full or stuffed.

IMG_3411 The thing I've observed about habitually fit people is that they mind their own plates. They have control over what goes onto their plates, and once they're full, they're full. They never focus on the plates of others to oblige themselves to eat anyone else's leftovers.

Decisions. Habits. And the strength to mind our own plates. If you've decided, I hope you'll join Crafting Fitness—a very special online class community where we will work together to break bad habits that have creeped into our lives, and develop new and healthy ones. Remember this: It will not be easy. It will be hard.

October 31, 2010

NEW Online Class for 2011 :: Crafting Fitness

More than a decade ago when I was in my early 30s, there was a statement made by a friend that triggered a deep, deep response within me. This response is one that lead me to make a lifelong decision to become fit. 

From my experience, embracing fitness is about taking information that is available to us and finding ways to engage our will power and self-control to make it happen day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. Many days it has been tough. Some days are tough still. But I have stood by my decision for more than 12 years and intend to remain committed to it for the rest of my life. What I know is this: It's hard. There's no magic. But ... it is possible. And once you decide ... really decide, the benefits of fitness are tremendous. It's the best gift to oneself, really.

If you're ready, and if you've decided, and if you know that the journey will be very difficult, I invite you to join me and the other participants for this brand new online class for a brand new year in our special Creative Lab community: Crafting Fitness 

-1 Visit our Creative Lab here.
Find the link to the Crafting Fitness workshop here.

October 28, 2010

Pam Carriker's Class is Almost Here!

More than a year ago, I had the pleasure of visiting with Pam Carriker. And since then, have had the pleasure of continued opportunities to work together. The thing about Pam is that she is a hard worker, as she puts all of who she is into all that she takes on.

Pam&Jenny I'm proud that Pam's first online class in The Creative Lab will be starting very soon, on November 8th. It will be a terrific experience. Pam and our team have been working very hard to get all the kits mailed out to the participants from all over the world.

IMG_2752 There's still plenty of time to join the fun ... and also to enjoy the early bird discount that expires on October 31st.

See you at The Lab. :)

October 18, 2010

Endings Precede Beginnings

What an emotional last few days it has been for me, as I finished filming the final video that will be loaded up later this week at The Creative Lab, to complete the 6-week journey that I've been on with all the participants of Crafting My Best Life. When I look back on everything, I realize that the class content had been percolating within me for 43 years ... experiences that I gathered throughout my journey, as I have learned about what is most important in life.

For me, the honor of taking on the role of teacher/facilitator is that it is a role that magically allows one to become a learner throughout the process as well. And I have learned so much from the participants. Amazing stories of resiliance, survival, determination, and fortitude.

Filming my final goodbye video got me rather choked up. Because there is part of me that never wants it to end. You know? It reminds me of when I was a little girl and I got to perform in our local community musical production of The King and I. What a thrill it was to play one of the little girls on stage. And when the curtain came down on the final night of the performance, I wept. I didn't want the production to end. I didn't want to say goodbye.

But the thing is, everything in life has a beginning, middle, and end. Everything. And it's important to be our very best at all parts, especially at the endings ... because endings always precede beginnings.

Speaking of beginnings, today marks the beginning of www.craftingmybestlife.com ... a site where you can keep up with all the latest CMBL-related information ... like how this first class group that is about to come to an end this week will remain open until the end of February 2011, allowing latecomers to still join in. It is a site where you will also be able to learn about a new series of online classes related to how we can focus and optimize other facets of our lives ... with the next facet to be announced later in November. (It's gonna require a lot of hard work for those who decide to participate, but it'll be worth it.)

And for those who are interested in experiencing Crafting My Best Life through a DVD experience rather than an online community, we've developed that option for you as well through Crafting My Best Life To-Go. And finally, for those interested in opportunities to drill down deeper on an individual level on concepts related to the Best Life series, we've developed One-on-One opportunities as well.

Endings are hard. But they're always followed by beginnings. And so it goes. Onward we go. :)

September 28, 2010

Quilting Her Best Life

One of the things that students of Crafting My Best Life have been doing is illustrating our life stories through a crafted self-portrait. A process that allows us to embrace and honor all of what has happened to us ... including the good and bad. One of the class participants is none other than Cynthia Shaffer, who I'd like to thank for allowing me to share her illustrated self-portrait here ...

crafting my best life Our class group has been able to share the significance behind our stories in our Creative Lab and together enjoying many aha moments. And truly amazing stories and self-portraits have been shared. In terms of Cynthia's self-portrait, many of us were all found ourselves asking her: "How did you make that face?"
free motion quilted face
So I asked Cynthia if she'd answer that question for all of us. (NOTE: I first met Cynthia years ago when she was my sewing and quilting teacher. Later in 2011, her brand new book about quilting with Lark Books will be released. Hold onto your buckles, it'll take your breath away. Also in 2011, she'll be teaching online art quilting and creative sewing classes in the Creative Lab that will knock your socks off.) Anyway, here's how Cynthia answered the question about how she made the face. Enjoy! And see you at The Lab. :)

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