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October 15, 2014

Announcing :: Artfully Altered

I'm excited to announce my Artfully Altered workshop in Studio CRESCENDOh in February, 2015! A full-day class where I'll share prompts and methods on how to view photos and pages of catalogues and magazines with an artistic and playful point of view and then use that point of view to create alterations using my favorite methods.

After that, we will together discover how those altered photos and catalogue pages can be incorporated into art journals and other works of art that are fun, fresh, and unconventional.

The fun we will have. :)

Enrollment is now open here.

February 11, 2014

Hello Bunny

Not sure where the bunny came from but all of a sudden, they seem to be everywhere.
Hello bunny.




IMG_6647And still exploring altered art within the pages of an anthro catalog. Bunnies didn't come out here though. Yet.


IMG_6646I've been using these Dermatograph pencils lately ... especially when working in catalog or magazine pages for altered art. They won't reactivate with water like the Stabilo and it just gives you this ability to make great marks on glossy pages. Thank you to Dina Wakley for turning me onto these.


November 26, 2013

FangGrrr was flooded with Remorse

 Remorse flooded FangGrrr's heart.
"What have I done?" FangGrrr asked.
"I am sorry Lion. Forgive me."


FangGrrr pulled the bloody arrow out of Lion's chest. Lion's chest kept bleeding. Sounds came out of Lion that didn't make sense, like hallucinations before death. FangGrrr didn't know what to do. Hopelessness and Shame flooded into FangGrrr's heart to congregate with Remorse.


October 30, 2013

Announcing :: Craft-a-Doodle Book Club!

Announcing :: Craft-a-Doodle Book Club!!!!!!

STEP 1: Enroll in one, two, or all three of the Craft-a-Doodle Book clubs here.
STEP 2: Get a copyof Craft-a-Doodle (also available at Studio CRESCENDOh if you want to buy it at the studio.)
STEP 3: Doodle, doodle, doodle!

Easy peasy.
A time to have fun, learn to doodle, and make friends.
Hope to see you in Studio CRESCENDOh! :)

Enrollment is open here.



October 27, 2013

FangGrrr hurt Lion

FangGrrr's sadness was so intense that the entire land felt it. Sun said "auf wiedersehen" as Clouds rolled in. For what felt like forever, Clouds dropped two million milky tear-rain drops everywhere. (It may have been three million, actually.) Drops came down hard, fast, and without pause. Everything and everyone got drenched in melancholy.

Jenny Doh
"Stop crying and go hurt Lion," said Snake to FangGrrr. "And leave your ears here with me. For sssafe keeping."

Jenny Doh
"I don't like you, Lion!" said FangGrrr. And then FangGrrr punched Lion in the face. Hard. Lion got a black eye. Lion was sad.
Jenny Doh"You need to hurt Lion more ssseverely," said Snake to FangGrrr. "Take this bow and arrow and shoot Lion in the heart."

Jenny DohFangGrrr drew the bow and arrow and aimed precisely at Lion's heart.
Jenny Doh
FangGrrr released the arrow and it impaled Lion's heart. Lion fell to the ground. "Why have you done this, FangGrrr?" wept Lion in sorrow and pain. "I don't understand."
Jenny Doh

October 12, 2013

FangGrrr was Happy and then Profoundly Sad

And with that, FangGrrr and Lion played. They laughed while they played. Until thier bellies hurt, they laughed. (In a good way.) FangGrrr was happy. (By the way, this is not the end. Not yet.)

Jenny Doh
Lion loved FangGrrr.
Jenny Doh
Snake slithered in. "Lion does not love you. You should hurt Lion before Lion hurts you. Before Lion leaves you too," said Snake to FangGrrr. "Ssss . . . "
Jenny Doh
FangGrrr believed Snake. "I have many voids and flaws. I have fangs. I am not lovable. Lion is bound to leave me too," thought FangGrrr. With profound sadness, FangGrrr wept.
Jenny Doh

October 08, 2013

FangGrrr Gets Ears

Lion used the most special yarn in all the world and made ears for FangGrrr.
The yarn had magic in it.
It was pink, of course.

Jenny Doh
FangGrrr wuved the ears.
They made FangGrrr feel very special.
Jenny Doh
With ears on, arms raised, eyes closed, and Butterfly aflutter, FangGrrr made a wish.
"I wish I could play."

jenny doh

October 06, 2013

Dream BIG or Medium, or Small, or Teeny Tiny

With all due respect, I've been wanting to get something off my chest in response to the whole "Dream Big" command that's out there.

Here goes.

Jenny Doh

  • First, if YOU want to dream big, that's awesome. Go ahead.
  • Second, don't tell me what size my dreams should be. I'm ok not dominating the world, and I'm ok with certain dreams and goals of mine being big, while others remain medium, small, or even teeny tiny.

I say each of us dream in whatever size we want, based on what makes best sense for our respective seasons of life.

Because you know what? One size does NOT fit all.

That's all. :)

October 05, 2013


Her mom left.
Then her dad.
And she was sad.

Jenny Doh
She pretended not to be sad.
And grew fangs instead.

Jenny Doh
One day, FangGirl met Lion.

Jenny Doh
Lion was kind and liked to play and have fun.
"Let's play, FangGrrr!" said Lion.

FangGrrr liked being called that.
FangGrrr, that is.

Jenny Doh

"But Lion, I don't know how to play," said FangGrrr.

Jenny Doh
To be continued.

October 03, 2013

Daily Doodles :: The Games We Play

I realized today that I've been doing a whole lot of doodling but that I haven't been sharing my doodles on my blog. I have been sharing them on my Instagram and Facebook though ... mainly because it's so easy and quick to do so.

But I think it might be fun to share them here with a bit more commentary about them. This post and a few more will be the ones that catch me up here on the doodles I've been making and then I hope that I will do a better job keeping my doodles up-to-date here. Sound good?

Here's a doodle I made this morning. I've been interested in doodling about the games we play. Especially games from childhood.

Did you know that the term "Cat's Game" has its origins in the cat who chases his tail? It's a game that never ends because the cat can never actually catch his tail ... similar to a game of tic tac toe that doesn't produce a winner because of the way the Xs and Os get placed. No winner.

Jenny Doh
The cat from the first doodle inspired this next doodle where I tried to make the cat look lion-like. I would really like to develop a story involving this lion. We'll see.
Jenny Doh
More childhood games ... like Pat a Cake. Sometimes I crack myself up. :)

Jenny Doh
And then there's hopscotch. Oh how I adored playing hopscotch.
Jenny Doh
And the sweet jump rope. Loved jumping rope as a kid and I still love jumping rope.

Jenny Doh
Archery is not a childhood game per se but thought I'd include this one in the bunch. As you can see, I am into adding fangs to my creatures. I think my fangs aren't evil fangs. I think they're cute. And this FangGirl is one tough girl ... she's been in training. And she's not afraid.
Jenny Doh

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