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May 14, 2014

Part 2 :: FangGrrr Adventures

Some of the sorrowful days happened without notice. For no logical reason, actually.


Where there were pink ears, FangGrrr saw antlers.


Where there was sunshine, FangGrrr saw raindrops. She was certain that she felt them too. Every single, cold dark drop.


By the way, this is the beginning of Part 2 of FangGrrr adventures by Jenny Doh.


FangGrrr4P.S. Beginnings are great, aren't they?

February 11, 2014

Hello Bunny

Not sure where the bunny came from but all of a sudden, they seem to be everywhere.
Hello bunny.




IMG_6647And still exploring altered art within the pages of an anthro catalog. Bunnies didn't come out here though. Yet.


IMG_6646I've been using these Dermatograph pencils lately ... especially when working in catalog or magazine pages for altered art. They won't reactivate with water like the Stabilo and it just gives you this ability to make great marks on glossy pages. Thank you to Dina Wakley for turning me onto these.


January 19, 2014

I See Boat People

Thought I'd share with you some altered art that I've made with pages from Anthropologie catalogs. With every page, I see boat people.

Jenny Doh 3

Jenny Doh 7

Jenny Doh 8

Jenny Doh 9

Jenny Doh

Jenny Doh2

Jenny Doh 5

Jenny Doh 13
Ah yes, I see more boat people waiting to emerge. Do you?

Jenny Doh 12

December 28, 2013

Swallowing Korea Whole

She tried to swallow it whole.
Without chewing.
It made her feel bloated.
But that's how she chose to live.

Jenny Doh
It made her feel kind of like a monster.

Jenny Doh 2

December 27, 2013

Seoul Girl

In 1974 I moved from Seoul to Bakersfield. This year, this 2013, I find myself finally realizing the significance this move has had on my life, my essence, my entire being. I think I've tried to underestimate the significance, to try and swallow and thereby ignore whole, the harshness of the reality.

Jenny dohThrough a series of unfortunate and fortunate events, I'm finally at a point in my life to embrace it and examine it in many ways, most of all through art. And when I think about it, there is harshness about the experience, but also incredible a story of beauty and wonder. My story.

Jenny doh 2

December 14, 2013

Six faces and a body

Some faces and a body.

Graphite and watercolors on paper: This face was inspired by Sara Jimenez.

Jenny Doh 1Graphite on priority mail envelope: I like that some feel that this one is of a male while others feel that it is of a female.

Jenny Doh 22Watercolor on paper: I like the large, loose strokes of working without a pencil.

Jenny Doh faceGraphite, white acrylic, collage, and red string on matboard: I almost added a word but didn't. I still could.

Jenny Doh 4Graphite, white charcoal, and collage on matboard.

Jenny Doh 33Graphite, white charcoal, and collage on matboard: Taking baby steps practicing how to draw the body. I'd like to learn how to draw a face proportionally connected to the body.

Jenny Doh bodyCharcoal and acrylic on paper envelope: Haste = hate + s
Jenny Doh Envelope

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