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December 07, 2011

Collaborative Art Jouraling with Andrew & Monica

Remember the collaborative journaling I did with Belinda?
I couldn't wait to give it a whirl with my kids. Here's the first page I did with Andrew. We call it Smelly Perro.

art journal collaboration
Check out how you can see different things when you turn the page around.

art journal collaboration
Here's the second page we did together that we call Santa Comes.

art journal collaboration
Love the dude with the mole. Do you see him?

art journal collaboration
And here's a page I did with Monica that we call Lost & Found.

art journal collaboration
Here's a differnet angle.

IMG_2545This has been one of the most exciting things I've done in a long time. You get to learn so much about the person you are collaborating with. My kids were like I was with Belinda at first ... with questions like ... "what do I draw? what do I do?" But the process is not about over-thinking or over-planning. It's just about letting go and letting things come out of you through the pen ... rotating the page once in a while to then reacting to the other person's marks. Not too much talking ... some good music ... and just observing and reacting and creating together. It's an intimate experience where you learn about the other person at a much deeper and almost unexplainable manner. I know I learned and influenced Andrew as he observed not only my marks but the way I was making my marks. And vice versa. I learned and was influenced by Andrew as I observed his work. Same goes for the process with Monica. It's the ultimate in the whole Observe and React process that I love.

You think you're not a journaler? You think you're not a doodler? I challenge you to get a piece of paper with some pens and grab someone in your life and just do it. Today. You'll be so pleasantly surprised. Be sure to have both collaborators sign and date the page once it's done.

Happy collaborating. :)

March 08, 2011

Duets :: Sarah Ahearn :: Free Motion Stitching with Transparency Tutorial

You may remember my first duet with Sarah Ahearn shown here. Here's how our second duet turned out.

Jenny Doh
I started by cutting the image from the month of February from her beautiful 2011 calendar.

sarah ahearn

Next, I placed the image onto drill cloth and added little touches of free motion stitching ...

free motion stitching
free motion stitching tutorial
free motion stitching
free motion stitching
After the stitching, I placed everything onto a sheet of transparency, laid down a couple of additional elements (fabric and paper pieces), then placed another transparency sheet on top and then stitched down all sides.

free motion stitching
More duets to come.

Happy creating. :)

February 09, 2011

Duets :: Sarah Ahearn :: Free Motion Quilted Happiness Hoop DIY

 Check out this free motion quilted happiness hoop that I made with Sarah Ahearn's lovely art.

free motion stitching
You may remember the post where I talked about her beautiful 2011 calendar, right? So with the month of January having passed, I started getting cravings to do some free motion work with her January art. So with Sarah's blessings, I started on our first duet.

sarah ahearn
I traced a circle onto the art and cut it out. And also a slice out of the circle. Like a cake.

sarah ahearn
Then I layered it atop a paper doily and a piece of cotton batting and free motion stitched around the edges. Then I gathered a strip of light blue fabric that I gathered at one edge and stitched that down.

free motion quilt
And then another strip of fabric at top with a free motion stitched word: happiness.

free motion quilt
And then I got a woodedn embroidery hoop to use as a frame/display for the finished piece. So fun. Thank you, Sarah.

sarah ahearn Jenny doh

Tune in to see how our February duet turns out. And in the meantime, check out Sarah's long-awaited beautiful book titled Painted Pages which is available for pre-order here.

Happy creating. :)

November 02, 2010

Duets :: With Mindy Lacefield :: NOTES OF WORTH Free Motion Quilting

You may remember that I used Mindy's screened bird image for one of our earlier duets. I used one again this time to embellish this Moleskine journal.

IMG_3338I considered all sizes and colors of Moleskines available and went for the standard size in red.

IMG_3337I layered the bird with batting and then quilted it down to the journal cover.

IMG_3339And then I added other embellishments and "notes of worth." These three simple words are on my mind these days as I thirst to make every note I sing be worthy of song. I don't want to waste them. I don't want to waste time ... precious time. 

IMG_3340 More duets to come.

October 27, 2010

Duets :: With Mindy Lacefield :: LOVE ME Free Motion Quilting

Here's the painting that Mindy did for this duet. Pretty spectacular, I think.


I felt a little nervous about diving right into an original without making a color copy ... but I just went for it.

IMG_3267 Added batting, vintage wallpaper and a brown paper bag. Yup. Brown paper bag.

IMG_3268 Broke a needle in the process.

IMG_3269 But I'm pretty happy with the results. I think I'll be using more brown paper bags They're a nice little substrate that keep smallerish art quilts nicely positioned.

IMG_3270 Happy free motion quilting. :)

More duets to come.

October 25, 2010

Duets :: With Mindy Lacefield :: The Cat Came Back

For this duet, I started with a playful black cat that Mindy drew and cut out for me.

IMG_3192 ... to which I added a few touches of collage and free motion stitching.


IMG_3254 IMG_3255

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