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May 14, 2014

Part 2 :: FangGrrr Adventures

Some of the sorrowful days happened without notice. For no logical reason, actually.


Where there were pink ears, FangGrrr saw antlers.


Where there was sunshine, FangGrrr saw raindrops. She was certain that she felt them too. Every single, cold dark drop.


By the way, this is the beginning of Part 2 of FangGrrr adventures by Jenny Doh.


FangGrrr4P.S. Beginnings are great, aren't they?

April 23, 2014

Happily and Sorrowfully Ever After

IMG_9973FangGrrr and Butterfly returned to an all-better Lion. The magic yarn had brought Lion back from death. "Lion, what were you trying to say to me when you were dying?" asked FangGrrr.


IMG_9976"I was trying to say that we all have flaws, FangGrrr. And we all have fangs. I have them too ... see?"

"If you think you're the only one with flaws and fangs, you're wrong. You are not along, FangGrrr. We all hurt."


IMG_9986"AND we all love. We all hurt and love," said Lion.


IMG_9987"But what about Snake?" asked FangGrrr.

"The more you engage with Snake, the more you empower Snake. Snake is an asshole. Disengage with assholes. Snake is Snake's own worst enemy," said Lion.


IMG_9988And with that, FangGrrr, Lion, Butterfly, Fox, and other friends played ... and they lived sometimes happily AND sometimes sorrowfully ever after.


IMG_9989The end (of part one).

More adventures of FangGrrr to come. ;)

December 19, 2013

Waves of Obsession and Some Free Motion Stitched Explorations

I've been doing lots of explorations in the studio. During these last few days, for some unknown reason, I've been doing a whole lot of free motion stitching. Not sure how long this obsession will last. For me, obsessions come in little waves. And I've learned it's a good thing to just ride them out and see where they take me.

So this free motion stitched face is my latest exploration. Before it looked like this ...

Jenny Doh 4
it looked like this. And before I started this, I used ...

Jenny Doh 3this earlier sketch as a point of reference. And this sketch was being made while listening to Cat Steven's beautiful version of Morning has Broken.

Morning has broken, like the first morning
Blackbird has spoken, like the first bird ...

Jenny Doh sketch

Here are a few additional pieces I've free motion stitched.

Jenny Doh 2
Jenny Doh 6
Jenny Doh
This last one actually sold recently and so it's no longer with me. Sort of sad but happy that it's going to someone who adores it.

So I've been asked are all my works for sale? Well, some are and some aren't. One of these days, it's my goal to try and upload some of my originals onto my etsy shop (which has been vacant for a long long time ... just not enough time in the day) ... but in the meantime, what usually happens is that when a person likes what they see on my IG or FB feed, they let me know. And then we go from there. So if there's something that speaks to you, by all means, feel free to write me at jenny@crescendoh.com. I'll let you know if it's available or not. And one of these days, like I said, I'll load a bunch up in more of an official manner on etsy or something like that.

December 08, 2013

FangGrrr made good

Butterfly heard of Lion's impending death. With the help of Fox, Butterfly came to see Lion. They brought the magic pink yarn.

FangGrrr Jenny DohWith the pink yarn, Butterfly made an eye patch and put it over Lion's eye. The yarn was also wrapped around Lion's chest, over the wound. Meanwhile, FangGrrr picked up her bow and arrow and went looking for Snake.

FangGrrr and Fox Jenny Doh"Prepare to die," said FangGrrr to Snake.


FangGrrr and SnakeRight as FangGrrr was about to release the arrow, Butterfly futtered in and said "Wait, FangGrrr."

FangGrrr Wait
"Killing Snake will not kill your pain," said Butterfly.
"But Snake told me to hurt Lion and Lion may soon be dead," said FangGrrr.
"Snake told you to hurt Lion but you are the one who hurt Lion."
"I don't know what to do. What should I do, Butterfly?"
"That is not the question."
"Then what is?"
"The question is what will you do?"

FangGrrr ChoiceFangGrrr put the bow and arrow down. Snake slithered away.
"I am wretched," said FangGrrr.
"Sometimes we are," said Butterfly, "but sometimes we are wonderful. Like now. You could have made more hate but you didn't. You made good."
"But actually, I'm not good. I'm bad."
"You're not good or bad, FangGrrr. You're good and bad. We all are."
"And by the way, it's not your fault that your mom and dad left you, FangGrrr," said Butterfly. "Now let's go check on Lion."

FangGrrr and Fault

November 26, 2013

FangGrrr was flooded with Remorse

 Remorse flooded FangGrrr's heart.
"What have I done?" FangGrrr asked.
"I am sorry Lion. Forgive me."


FangGrrr pulled the bloody arrow out of Lion's chest. Lion's chest kept bleeding. Sounds came out of Lion that didn't make sense, like hallucinations before death. FangGrrr didn't know what to do. Hopelessness and Shame flooded into FangGrrr's heart to congregate with Remorse.


October 27, 2013

FangGrrr hurt Lion

FangGrrr's sadness was so intense that the entire land felt it. Sun said "auf wiedersehen" as Clouds rolled in. For what felt like forever, Clouds dropped two million milky tear-rain drops everywhere. (It may have been three million, actually.) Drops came down hard, fast, and without pause. Everything and everyone got drenched in melancholy.

Jenny Doh
"Stop crying and go hurt Lion," said Snake to FangGrrr. "And leave your ears here with me. For sssafe keeping."

Jenny Doh
"I don't like you, Lion!" said FangGrrr. And then FangGrrr punched Lion in the face. Hard. Lion got a black eye. Lion was sad.
Jenny Doh"You need to hurt Lion more ssseverely," said Snake to FangGrrr. "Take this bow and arrow and shoot Lion in the heart."

Jenny DohFangGrrr drew the bow and arrow and aimed precisely at Lion's heart.
Jenny Doh
FangGrrr released the arrow and it impaled Lion's heart. Lion fell to the ground. "Why have you done this, FangGrrr?" wept Lion in sorrow and pain. "I don't understand."
Jenny Doh

October 12, 2013

FangGrrr was Happy and then Profoundly Sad

And with that, FangGrrr and Lion played. They laughed while they played. Until thier bellies hurt, they laughed. (In a good way.) FangGrrr was happy. (By the way, this is not the end. Not yet.)

Jenny Doh
Lion loved FangGrrr.
Jenny Doh
Snake slithered in. "Lion does not love you. You should hurt Lion before Lion hurts you. Before Lion leaves you too," said Snake to FangGrrr. "Ssss . . . "
Jenny Doh
FangGrrr believed Snake. "I have many voids and flaws. I have fangs. I am not lovable. Lion is bound to leave me too," thought FangGrrr. With profound sadness, FangGrrr wept.
Jenny Doh

October 08, 2013

FangGrrr Gets Ears

Lion used the most special yarn in all the world and made ears for FangGrrr.
The yarn had magic in it.
It was pink, of course.

Jenny Doh
FangGrrr wuved the ears.
They made FangGrrr feel very special.
Jenny Doh
With ears on, arms raised, eyes closed, and Butterfly aflutter, FangGrrr made a wish.
"I wish I could play."

jenny doh

October 05, 2013


Her mom left.
Then her dad.
And she was sad.

Jenny Doh
She pretended not to be sad.
And grew fangs instead.

Jenny Doh
One day, FangGirl met Lion.

Jenny Doh
Lion was kind and liked to play and have fun.
"Let's play, FangGrrr!" said Lion.

FangGrrr liked being called that.
FangGrrr, that is.

Jenny Doh

"But Lion, I don't know how to play," said FangGrrr.

Jenny Doh
To be continued.

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