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October 10, 2013

Be Ready. Not Hyper-Ready

I boxed today. Noon class with the one and only Coach Tee. We were doing our usual thang. Everyone partnered up ... with one person punching and the other person catching. Just for a few minutes. And then rotating so that you work with different people.

jenny doh
So this guy rotated to me. Never seen him before in my life. New. Strong dude with muscles. He didn't really know how to throw ... and instead of throwing lightly to learn, he threw really hard ... to ...  I don't know ... over compensate? So I called out jab-cross-slip-slip and he ended up throwing jab-cross-jab-cross ... right into my face. He hit my face pretty hard, causing my glasses to smash into my face. I squealed. Thankfully my glasses didn't break. And neither did anything else on my face. Holy close call.

Tee checked to make sure that I was ok and then he gave a talk to the dude and then started laughing his ass off. It was all good cause I started laughing my ass off too. It's like family when we see each other involved in epic fails ... we check to see if our family members are ok and then we start busting up laughing.

When I box and get in my fighter's stance, the voice of Tee is always on my mind ... "Jenny ... relax. Prepare to fight but don't be so tense" is what I hear him saying. Like be ready to throw punches but don't tighten up so much. Don't be hyper-ready.

It's the same thing my archery coach, Janet, says to me when I'm ready to shoot.

jenny doh
Think about what you're going to do before you draw.
Then draw.
Don't over-think once you draw. Be steady and still but relaxed at the same time.
Be ready but not hyper-ready.
Then release like a spring, with flexibility and ease, not rigidity.

Ready but not hyper-ready.
Strong and steady but flexible.

I think this advice applies not just to boxing and archery but also to life. It's about balance. Good advice that's easier to remember when you're in practice mode and very easy to forget when out of practice mode. 

August 25, 2013

For the Love of Vine

Ever since Monica got her first iPhone for her birthday, I've rediscovered how fun vine videos can be. I think I'm actually discovering it for real for the first time, actually. It's hilarious to see the kinds of assorted 6-second videos people are posting on Vine.

Today, I helped Monica film one of her funniest at Wahoo's Fish Tacos. 

You can click here to watch it.

Here's one I did today ... my second one on Korean phonetics.

You can see it here.


And here are a few more of our best work to date:



December 30, 2011

Top 10 Funniest People of 2011

It's that time again.
Time to reflect back on the year that has almost passed and think about the people who gave us the gift of laughter. To me, there is no better gift. This year's list has in some ways remained the same since last year's list, but changed in some interesting ways, with the inclusion of some new faces. Here it is.

#10 :: The Mister :: He's a great cook, we all know. But around the house, we all tease him for his nerdy tendencies. When he teases us back, it is a sight to behold. I love nerds.

Gerardo Mouet
#9 :: Amy Hanna :: She brings out the country hillbilly in me.

Amy Hanna
#8 :: Dori Barrett :: When we laugh, we laugh deep. She and Amy and I are going to start a band.

Dori Barrett
#7 :: Andrew Mouet :: On the one hand, he doesn't have much to say to people. Awkwardly so. On the other hand, when he starts talking about things he is interested in (like Dr. Who), he won't stop talking. Awkwardly and hysterically so.

#6 :: Linda Perez :: My trusted next door neighbor. Her one-liners about the happenings in our neighborhood makes my face freeze in laughter.

Jenny Doh
#5 :: Suze Weinberg :: I had the great pleasure of visiting with Suze at Donna Downey's Inspired event earlier in the year. She was the life and laughter of the party ... second only to #4 :: Margie Romney-Aslett. There was a point when I was in a room with these two women and I had to focus and meditate on the chair in front of me so that I wouldn't pee my pants and fall to the ground laughing.


#3 :: Shamanie Haneca :: When I visited her in Colorado last winter in the snow, she made me get into her car as she made it spin out of control. She's a crazy girl. During that visit, we were visited one evening by #2 :: Jeanne Oliver. As we stayed up visiting late into the night, these two would not stop singing. And rapping. Extemporaneously. That's just the way they roll. Here we are again at The Makerie 2011.

#1 :: Monica Mouet :: Practically every single day, this daughter of mine makes me roar with laughter. With her funny voices, her impersonations, her rants and raves about life. My belly aches ... in a good way, because of this smart, funny and keen observer of people and life.

So there you have it. The funniest people (in my life) of 2011.
I vote that we all enter 2012 with a goal to laugh. Until we pee our pants. Until milk comes out our noses. Until our bodies shake. Until it hurts. So good.

To laughter,
Jenny :)



November 04, 2011

Messages Incoming + Outgoing

When you enter the front door of my home, the message you get is one of my favorites: Home is where your story begins. Perfect, right?

Jenny Doh
When you exit through the front door of my home, the message you get is also one of my favorites: Don't be an ass.

Jenny Doh
Straight forward, and best of all, easy to remember, right?

All together now:Don't be an ass

June 10, 2011

Boiling It Down

This is another treasure I picked up last weekend. It's a very old dictionary that contains 33,000 words. It's teeny tiny and fits in the palm of your hand. The reason so many words can fit in such a small book is because the definitions are boiled down to just a few simple words.

Jenny DohLike the word "ass." It's a noun. And the defintion is "stupid fellow."

Isn't that great? Boiled down. Straight to the point. (I think it's hilarious that "donkey" is nowhere to be found in its definition.)

Jenny Doh Boy, if I could get my hands on several copies of this dictionary, I'd love to send it to folks who drone on and on with a pile of either misused or overused words that add up to nothing more than gibberish.

Let's boil it down, shall we? All together now: Don't be an ass.

Happy Friday. :)

May 29, 2011

Brown Paper Bag Bunting Tutorial

Ahhh bunting. What is it about bunting that we all love so much? Here's my latest one I made ...

Jenny Doh I started by cutting triangles at the fold of a brown paper bag ...

Jenny Doh And then used my trusty Elmer's gluestick to adhere it onto cotton string. Easy peasy. Once you have that done, you can adhere buttons or write sayings like "dream big" or "follow your bliss" ...

Jenny Doh ... or you can bottom line it with "don't be an ass." Oh yes ... wise and easy-to-understand words that members of our household strive to live by every single day.

Jenny Doh
Happy bunting. ;)

March 31, 2011

Crepe Paper Yarn :: Moving On

You may remember that I like to knit with crepe paper. So after knitting several small projects with my crepe paper yarn, I developed this epic vision of knitting myself a black dress with crepe paper yarn.

Jenny Doh
And so I spent a lot of time making crepe paper yarn. Conceptually, it's easy ...

crepe paper yarn You moisten fingertips and then with fingers, roll/scrunch the paper into yarn and then roll into a ball. But actually doing it to make enough yarn is T E D I O U S.

crepe paper yarn
With the stash of yarn I made, I did start knitting myself a dress, which taught me a great first lesson: Do not try to knit a dress with crepe paper yarn when you have no real pattern or direction or you will end up with a very strange looking "garment." The second lesson I've learned: Even if I dedicate the next 6 months to making enough crepe paper yarn to make the dress I envision, it might not be enough time.

Final lesson learned ... sometimes, you gotta count your losses and move on to the next project. So to my vision of the crepe paper yarn dress I say ... What was I thinking? I'm moving on.

Stay tuned to see what smaller projects I come up with using this yarn. :)

February 07, 2011

Bento Love :: Language Bloopers

Last night, we went out to have hot tofu soup for dinner in Garden Grove and stopped by H-Mart to pick up some groceries. And look what I found. A new bento box. Totally love it. Two stainless steel tiers with lids that have a cute pink trim. So dang cute!

bento box

And a nice little "furoshiki" by way of a nice little pack that zips and clips at the top.

bento box

But of course the best part of it all is the adorably jumbled words that say "I love natural blessing." I wonder if there is an actual term that references this phenomonon that I've talked about here ... outrageous and adorable incorrect word configurations. Language bloopers? Not sure. But I love reading them. They crack me up. My friend Sandra encountered similar language bloopers when she went Bento box hunting as well.

bento box
Wishing everyone a passionate lunch communication, special pudding, and the love of a natural blessing.

Happy Bento. :)

January 18, 2011

Knitting Epic

Check out the sweater I knit for my older brother, a few years ago. Well ... um ... the thing is that it started out as a sweater for my brother. That was my intent. But it's one of those sweater projects that became so complex and so epic ... and in the middle of the project, when I hit a road block, ended up putting it down for much too long and when I went to pick it back up, I was so hopelessly lost that my only recourse was to call it quits.

Jenny Doh
But the Noro yarn that I had gotten and completed the entire back and front with was much too wonderful to trash so I just pulled the yarn completely and knit it into this large object. I really don't even know what to call it and I can't even tell you how I knit it because I just knit it into a large rectangle with little bobbles interspersed (without a pattern). The beauty of the yarn just did its magic with all of the color changes built into the yarn.

Jenny Doh
And then when the rectangle was finished, I sitched either ends together about 12 inches on both sides. It is what I use around the house when I need something to snuggle in.

Jenny Doh
Every time I wear it, I think of my brother, and the sweater I almost knit for him.

January 06, 2011

Toby's Fur Coat

This is Toby ... a typical scene in my home office where he snoozes by my side as I work. Look at that face. So dang cute.

IMG_4841Here's a full body shot. The faux fur coat is one that I bought a few years ago at a thrift store. It is his favorite new place to lounge.

IMG_4842 The perfect office mate to have ... no drama, fiercely loyal, and always up for a good belly rub.

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