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August 11, 2012

Painted, Lettered and Washi-Taped Wooden Cutlery Tutorial

Wooden cutlery is available almost everywhere. On etsy, amazon ... just Google it and you'll find loads of sources that sell these simply lovely objects ... perfect for embellishing.

Jenny Doh

For these, I started with a light application of acrylic paint on the handles of a fork, spoon, and knife.

Jenny DohOnce dry, I wrote words with Sumi ink and a very small watercolor brush.

Jenny Doh

On the backsides, I made little raindrops.

Jenny DohTo finihs, I wrapped each piece with two different colors of washi tape. Jenny DohSo sweet.

Happy crafting. :)

June 28, 2012

Studio Explorations :: Rolling in the Deep

This art journal entry was inspired by the genius of Adele.
Sometimes ... when I listen to her lyrics and music ... I journey to a wondrous place ... a place that uncovers places of my heart that open up, make me remember, make me imagine.

Looks complex ... but it didn't start out that way.

Jenny DohThe entry started out rather simply.
With a carved tear drop stamped on a page, with a piece of washi tape at the bottom.

Jenny DOh

And then I added stitching to the first tear drop.

Jenny DohThen the second ...

Jenny DohThen the third ...

Jenny DohAnd then the final.

jenny dohAnd then I decided to add some drama with gray paint.

Jenny Doh

And then added words upon words upon words.

Jenny DohFalling.
Rolling in the deep.

Jenny Doh

June 13, 2012

Rubber Carving Tutorial :: Jeung

I've talked about the concept of jeung with you here and here. So I wanted to see if I could carve the very special word to make it into a rubber stamp.

Jenny DohSo the first thing I did was to write the word with my brush and ink.

The character starts with a small horizontal stroke, then a downward stroke, diagonally.

jeungThen it's a small little stroke in the opposite diagonal.

lettering tutorialThen an itty bitty horizontal stroke ...

lettering tutorial Then a longer straight downward stroke ...

lettering tutorialAnd then a ring stroke at the bottom.

lettering tutorialCheck out the many I made as I practiced with my sumi ink. lettering tutorial
I picked my favorite one and placed a translucent piece of paper over it and traced the storkes with a pencil.

rubber carving tutorialThen I turned the traced character over so that it rested on top of a piece of carving rubber and then rubbed the opposite side with pencil so that the pencil-traced character would become imprinted on the rubber.

rubber carving tutorialAnd then I took my carving tools and carved around the character.

rubber carving tutorialI stamped the character with a brown inkpad on watercolor paper, added a pencil doodle, watercolors, washi tape, and then mounted it onto a mini Moleskine.

rubber carving tutorail
This makes me happy.

April 01, 2012

DIY Crochet Stamp Printmaking Tutorial

Check out my new stamp. Not made of rubber. It's made of crochet.

crochet stamp printmaking tutorial

I used hemp yarn to chain 12 and joined with a slip stitch and weaved in all the ends.

crochet tutorial
I used spray adhesive to mount it onto a piece of cardboard into the shape of a heart.

crochet printmaking tutorial

Using a sponge brush, I loaded the stamp with acrylic paint then stamped the image onto paper. To finish, I added washi tape, sheet music, and doodling.

Jenny Doh

Happy creating. :)

February 26, 2012

Painted and Lettered Ovals Tutorial

Jenny Doh

lettering tutorial

lettering tutorial

Painting tutorial

Jenny DohI started by painting colors acrylics onto watercolor papers. (Read my review of Eco Green Craft paints here.)

painting tutorial
I lettered the words with a round brush and sumi ink onto the painted papers.

lettering tutorialAnd then I added layers of acrylic colors, and marks with a white gel pen and pencil.

painting and lettering tutorial
Happy creating.

February 22, 2012

Paintings :: She Will

I wanted to share with you my latest painting titled ... She Will.

Jenny Doh
This canvas looked very different at one point and I decided that I wanted to dramatically reinvent it and in the process ... incorporate letters ... not just letters that make up words and a message but for the words and letters to be design elements and become art forms in and of themselves. I love how letters help create compartmental pockets on the canvas ... opening opportunities to create small and unique universes.
Jenny Doh
I still see some things I need to do to it to finish it up and resolve but I like the reinvention very much.

I like the letters and the words as artforms.
I also like the message of these particular words.

Not "She Might."
Not "She Tries."

She Will.

So you better get out of her way. ;)

January 14, 2012

L = Lisa, Letters, Laughter, Learning & Listening

Oh the fun I had today as I learned from Lisa Engelbrecht and all the artists enrolled in her class. Here's one of the plaques I ended up making. I love it.

It was an experience where we learned, laughed, and listened to one another.

IMG_1091In the morning, Lisa had us all learn how to make strokes with a paintbrush and sumi ink.

Lettering Class with Lisa Engelbrecht
She also did several incredible demonstrations. The thing that I love most about Lisa is that she's a total rock star but not fully aware of it.

Lisa Engelbrecht
Check out this alphabet she demoned on a L O N G piece of paper! Totally awesome.

lettering by Lisa Engelbrecht
After practicing strokes, Lisa had us practice words and letters, trying out different styles and encouraged to make up our own styles.

IMG_1050Then we broke for lunch. Lettering is hard work!

After lunch, we started painting and lettering on twigs and putting finishing touches on our plaques.

lettering class with lisa engelbrehct
Here are some rockin' works from the class ...

studio crescendoh

studio crescendoh

studio crescendoh

IMG_1081I did these last two on long pieces of ledger paper. So cool, right? I love the word Evolution.

IMG_1092Sometimes I wish I could become awesome over night. A revolution of sorts. But when I really think about it, it's evolution that I want.
Jenny Doh
This I know: I love lettering and always have. And I'll continue to practice and evolve and potentially wake up one day to awesome.

Many thanks to Lisa and all the students who shared in this special day.

Many more wonderful classes coming up in Studio CRESCENDOh that you can view here. See you in the studio. :)

December 15, 2011

Doodled Gift Bag Tutorial with Brown Paper Bags DIY

Wrapping gifts does not mean you need to buy new gift paper or gift bags. Making do with what you have is in my opinion what will give you the most stunning results ... like these easy peasy doodled brown paper gift bags.

doodled gift bag tutorial

I used three of my favorite pens:

doodled brown paper bag tutorialI used the Sign brush pen to make doodled twigs/trees with leaves.

doodled brown paper gift bag tutorialThen I used the Technica Hybrid to doodle over that.

doodled brown paper gift bag tutorialThen I used the white gel pen to color and decorate the leaves and twigs.

IMG_0166Same concept for the words at the bottom. Start with the sign pen, then the hybrid, then the white gel pen. Easy peasy.

Happy creating.

September 08, 2011

Tracing Wheel on Fabric with Lettering and Stitching Tutorial

Check out my latest.

Jenny Doh
Started first by making dit dots with acrylic paints using a tracing wheel on a piece of drill fabric.

Jenny Doh
Then I lettered the words using a bamboo dip pen.

bamboo dip pen I made a second one that I attached strips of fabric and paper to.

Jenny Doh And finished with some free motion stitching.

Free motion stitching Happy. :)

August 26, 2011

Exploring Watercolors with Easy Strokes & Lettering

I've been painting small panels with watercolors and falling in love with how the shades look. Just simple strokes. Nothing special but spectactular in their simplicity.

watercolor tutorial Check out how beautiful the strokes look on vintage ledger paper. So pretty, don't you think?
watercolor tutorial

watercolor tutorial
And then in my small journal ... easy strokes of watercolors followed by lettering with my oblique pen.

watercolor tutorial

Jenny Doh
Happy watercolors. :)

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