July 20, 2016

316 Cad Red

Cad red316 Cad Red

6x6 inches :: original oil painting on gessobord

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This work is an homage to my tube of Cadmium Red oil paint. Cadmium is a chemical element (Cd) that to my eyes looks like pyrite, aka fool's gold. The way I understand it, there is a handful of pigments that have Cadmium in it, which produces super vibrant colors, namely Cad red, Cad orange, and Cad yellow. And within those colors there are slight variances that paint companies present with words associated to the cad-color like: light, medium, deep, dark, pure, etc. This particular tube is called Cadmium Red Medium Pure by Utrecht ... one of my tried and trues.

July 19, 2016

315 Opening Up

Roses315 Opening Up        

12x12 inches :: oil on canvas panel

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These are the same roses I painted two days ago. I've enjoyed watching them open up. They are the creamy-pinky-greeny kind that I love so much. The light source was at the top right, making the right uppermost part of the right uppermost rose catching most of the light.


July 18, 2016

314 Tried and Trues

IMG_2847314 Tried and Trues

11x16 inches :: oil painting on canvas panel

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Whenever I finish a tube of oil paint, I can't seem to bring myself to throw it out. I think it's mainly because I feel they are evidence of my hard work ... of my practice that reflect thousands of hours of practice day in and day out. These tubes in particular are my tried and trues ... Titanium White, Yellow Ochre, Burnt Umber, Unbleached Titanium, Ivory Black, Naples Yellow, Cad Yellow, Ultramarine Blue, and Cad Red. With these tubes, I can mix just about anything I need. And to these tubes, I feel extreme kinship and gratitude.


July 17, 2016

313 Morning Nuance


313 Morning Nuance

12 x 16 inches :: original oil painting on canvas panel

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For today's still life, I placed roses in a mason jar and placed them on my kitchen table. There's a mirror that sits by the table on the window sill, which worked so well to help capture the lights, shadows, and reflections. I enjoyed painting the subject ... with attention to all of its beautiful nuanced and at times magical details.


July 15, 2016

312 Who I Am

312 Who I Am312 Who I Am

12x16 inches :: original oil painting on canvas panel

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This is the second time that I have referenced a photo by @niravphotography for my work. Studying how to paint lights and shadows ... an endless journey.


July 14, 2016

311 Doggy Paddle

311 Doggy Paddle311 Doggy Paddle

12 x 12 inches :: original oil painting on canvas panel

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I'm so attracted to paint subjects that are partially submerged in water. It always helps me learn new things. I used an adorable photo from @heloisapaulon to reference for this work. I wonder, is there anything cuter than a doggy doing the doggy paddle?

July 13, 2016

310 Pretty Pygmy

310 Pretty Pygmy310 Pretty Pygmy

12 x 12 inches :: original oil painting on canvas panel

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As much as I'd like to say I imagined the perfect pygmy rabbit in a perfect composition from my brilliant imagination independent of all influences, inspiration, and references, I didn't. I referenced a stunning photo by @joelsartore for @natgeo of a female pygmy rabbit to reference for this work. What a joy it was to paint.

And what a joy it is to create art that is clean ... referencing my sources for inspiration and giving credit where credit is due. Sometimes it's a chore to do so because life moves so fast and it feels more convenient to not reference. But it has been my experience that the process becomes better and more integrity-filled when there is transparency in this regard. I want to kiss this rabbit.

July 12, 2016

Matters of Importance

MattersWhen I was a new immigrant to this country, I was the only girl of Korean descent in the elementary school that I attended in Bakersfield, California. There was a bully named Andrea who used to slap my face regularly. I told my family about this and before I knew it, Marilyn, from our sponsoring American family, started coaching me with my limited English skills. She told me that the next time it happened, I should look at Andrea in the face and say "Stop it!" And so I did. But it didn't work.

So the next thing I knew, Marilyn accompanied me to school and asked me "Where's Andrea?" I pointed her out and witnessed Marilyn going over to talk to Andrea and telling her in no uncertain terms that she was to stop slapping me.

It worked. Andrea heard Marilyn loud and clear. Even though I was different, I mattered. 

If someone had said to Marilyn "But what about Andrea? Doesn't she matter too?" Marilyn probably would have said "Of course she matters. But I'm here not because someone is slapping Andrea. I'm here because Jenny is being slapped. And I'm not going to not do or say anything about that."

I think that when a nation has a long-standing track record of killing unarmed Black people, it it not illogical for someone witnessing that to speak up. And when the witness stands to speak, they may say something like "Stop it!" Or a collective community of witnesses may say it another way, like "Black lives matter."

To me, those three words don't mean that other lives don't matter. Because of course Jenny matters and Andrea matters too. This great nation protects the right for Marilyn to speak up and get involved and it protects a collective group of like-minded and concerned witnesses to stand together ... to state the case and shine light on matters of importance.

July 11, 2016

309 The Road Ahead

309 Road Trip

309 The Road Ahead

11x14 inches :: original oil painting on canvas panel

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I spent so much time debating between this landscape, or a dog, or rabbit to select as my subject for today I was stressing myself out. I finally asked my daughter and though I thought she (the animal lover) would say the rabbit or the dog, she surprisingly said the landscape. As soon as she did, my stress bubble popped and I got to work. I used a photo by @alexstrohl as reference for this work.

July 10, 2016

308 All of Myself

308 Still308 All of Myself

12x12 inches :: oil painting on canvas panel

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In today's @nytimes magazine, I read a beautiful poem by African poet Gbenga Adesina titled How to Paint a Girl. It makes me want to be this kind of painter ... one who paints all of myself as I give all of myself to every painting ... of faces, of flowers, and even of ordinary lemons from my quiet and ordinary tree.

I referenced a photo of peonies in a blue and white vase by @johnderian for this work.

How to Paint a Girl
by Gbenga Adesina

With him you come to learn
that when a man is called to paint a girl
he paints all of himself.
His tiny songs are the floss in her hair,
the tulips on her blouse are the stories
his sisters told him under half-nights long ago
in the lost country of music. With their half-furls and
follicles and buds and brown twigs that speak more
of withering things. The tiny sigh, the one you almost didn't see, the silence in her eyes, is the night his mother
died while he fought rebels in the Nigerian army.

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