May 25, 2017

494 Three Little Tulips

Tulips494 Three Little Tulips
10x8 inches :: original watercolor and gouache on ledger paper
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Watercolor is sheer. Gouache is opaque. They both work with water.
And yes, you can combine them in a singular work. Cause there ain't no law that says you can't do so.

#dailypainting #tulips #freenotbrave


May 24, 2017

493 In Those Days

In thos days493 In Those Days
8x8 inches :: original oil painting on gessobord
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This is the demo painting I made while teaching a private painting session today. After finishing the portrait, I brought it home and added the lines from one of Rod McKuen's works from Listen to the Warm. Here's more from the passage ... not the entire passage, but my favorite section:

I found a twenty-dollar bill when I was ten.
I bought a cardboard circus and a fountain pen

and a jackknife because I never had one before.
My mother thought I'd stolen the money.
I brought her perfume from the dime store.
                                She believed me then.

I was rich in those days,
For a week I had everything.

I wish I'd known you then.


May 23, 2017

#resistancelog (Merry Christmas edition)

OyChelsea Handler recently went bowling and hung out with three Trump supporters in an effort to better understand Trump supporters. After they bowled, she asked them to name one thing that had caused them to connect with Trump.

You wanna know what the first person said in response to that? He said, "It's when he [Trump] said he was going to bring Merry Christmas back to the white house ..."

So then I tried to recall whether Obama said "Merry Christmas" during his tenure. I Googled it. And you know what came up? Video after video after video of him saying "Merry Christmas." And Michelle saying "Merry Christmas." They also said "Happy Holidays."

But I guess when a Black president says "Merry Christmas" it's not heard by some.


492 Manchester 22

Manchester492 Manchester 22

This work is dedicated to the 22 killed and many more wounded in Manchester. My heart goes out to the victims, their families, and all of #manchester #manchesterunited #heartbreaking /// ink and gouache on paper

May 22, 2017

491 The Gaze

Dancers491 The Gaze
7x8.5 inches :: ink sketch with gouache on ledger paper
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This work is dedicated to women who dance ... with or without clothes on. Because contrary to conventional sentiment, intellectualism and feminism do not have to don tunics, overalls, and clogs to be authentic.

Men gaze. Women gaze back.

And as an evolved species, I am grateful that we are able to understand and embrace and apply concepts like choice and consent within the context of sexualty. Because no matter how provocatively she dresses or dances, I believe that as long as she chooses freely, the dress and dance can reflect the joy of sexuality. And I believe that neither dress nor dance is ever an invitation for assault.

May 21, 2017

Separation of Church and State



Protect separation of church and state and reproductive freedom.

#resist #misogyny #malesupremacy #bullshit #mikepence #nolitetebastardescarborundorum #istandwithplannedparenthood


490 Almost Over You


490 Almost Over You
18x24 inches :: original acrylic painting on stretched canvas
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I started this work as a demo painting when I was teaching a few days ago and I finished it today. I referenced a photo by @fairies_ for this work. Always a challenge to add color when the reference is in black-and-white. 

May 19, 2017

489 To Solve a Problem

Teacher489 To Solve a Problem
16x20 inches :: original acrylic painting on stretched canvas
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I referenced a photo of @alexisren for this work. I made some modifications which made me feel like the subject was in a classroom. In front of a chalkboard. Ready to solve a problem. A calculus equation, actually. While taking a selfie. In a hot bikini. It's possible.

May 18, 2017

488 As Afternoon Sunshine

Call me488 As Afternoon Sunshine
8x10 inches :: original oil painting on gessobord
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I referenced a photo by @my_secret_dream2 for this work. And have been affected by the words of Rod McKuen as of late.

Ah the beautiful strangers
who held me for a night
and fell down in the darkness
on pillows soft and white.

Ah the beautiful strangers
all in the afternoon
who praised my flat little stomach
and came back to my room.

Ah the beautiful strangers
who spoiled me for a time
and taught me neon's just as nice
as afternoon sunshine.

#allaprima #dailypainting #ListenToTheWarm


May 16, 2017

487 To See You Again

Doggypaddle487 To See You Again
8x8 inches :: original oil painting on gessobord
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A couple of days ago, I referenced a photo by @max_et_louise via @instagram to do a value study and then I used that value study to reference for this work.

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