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January 29, 2010


Q: Who created the totally hot ART SAVES logo? 

A: None other than the amazing Michelle Ward.


Q: Will CRESCENDOh offer something with the ART SAVES logo on it for sale?

A: Yup. First of all, we'll be screening the logo onto canvas squares just like you see above, and selling the screened panels plain and simple ... panels that you can transform into an art quilt, appliqué onto a denim jacket, incorporate into an art journal, or paint, distress, and alter ... we encourage you to engage your muse to use the panels to transform into anything you can think of ... and we encourage you to share your creations with us that we will feature on this blog in future posts.


Q: Will you sell anything else that has the ART SAVES logo on it?

A: Yup. Our CRESCENDOh design team, led by Cynthia Shaffer, has created this totally hot tote that is like no other tote you own. Super roomy with a too cute polka dot ruffle and quilted ART SAVES logo on the front ... 

... the back has two roomy pockets to keep knitting needles, paintbrushes, and all other essentials safely tucked ... with just a splash of red ribbon. 

The logo will also be made available on tees that will be for sale. And whether you buy the canvas panel, the tote or the tee, 100 percent of proceeds of all ART SAVES merchandise will be donated to CRESCENDOh's Charities of Choice.

Q: Who are CRESCENDOh's Charities of Choice?

A: The first Charity of Choice is Life Through Art Foundation, as you can read about here. The other two will officially be announced in the days ahead on this blog. 

Q: So if you give everything to charity, is everything in your shop for charity? Are you a non-profit organization?

A: CRESCENDOh is a FOR-PROFIT LLC with a tremendous commitment to giving back. Focused compassion is one of the cornerstone values that guides our overall mission for our company. The ART SAVES merchandise gives back 100 percent but our other non-ART SAVES merchandise like the beautiful reversible velvet bag you saw here, and some other really exciting art kits and licensed merchandise from very talented artists will be sold with 2 percent of proceeds going back to charity.

CRESCENDOh, LLC ... creative passion • authentic community • focused compassion

All together now ... How Cool is That?!

November 29, 2009


Question: What is your advice for people who want to create a successful blog about art and creativity?



1. First and foremost, you have to be authentic. Who are you? And what is it that you're trying to say? If you find these two questions hard to answer, chances are, your blog isn't going to be easy (or interesting) to read. I find myself gravitating toward blogs that exude confidence and authenticity. And don't you think it's the same in real life? It's people who present words without pretenses and ideas without inhibitions that capture my attention.


2. Second, an artistic and creative blogger is one who posts great photos and posts often. There are of course other types of blogs (e.g., literary blogs, political blogs, etc.) where readers are looking for words over images. But for the creative blogging community, a picture is worth a thousand words. Not only that, creative bloggers upload images with the kind of technical skill that will get the images looking gorgeous and unified. For example, my blog is hosted by Typepad and in order for all of my photos to look congruent, I make sure that when I load a photo, I use the custom setting at 400 pixels each and every time. This ensures that each photo will take up the same width throughout each and every one of my posts. (Of course technical preferences vary from blogger to blogger.) The other component of loading great photos is the ability to take great photos. The images I take are with my Canon 30D SLR, which produces some great shots. But there are plenty of point-and-shoot cameras that also yield great photos. I think the most important thing is to be thoughtful about lighting and composition and also to crop the photos well before posting.


3. A quality blogger is not a whining blogger. This is not to say that tough subjects are off limits. I think tough subjects can be pondered and discussed but in a productive, thoughtful, intellectually profound, and classy manner. Trust me ... just like in real life, no one wants to hang for too long with folks who choose to dwell in the self-absorbed "woe is me" aspect of life. And so it goes with quality blogging.

October 07, 2009


Q: Where'd you get your shirt?

A: I designed it on www.zazzle.com — one of my favorite online companies. (You can actually look up the shirt on zazzle (designed by yours truly) and buy one EXACTLY like it if you want. Or you can design one of your own.)

PS: Every time I wear it, I gain this feeling of invincibility ... like I can conquer almost anything that a day can throw at me. I especially LOVE pairing it with a power suit and pointed-toe patent leather sling-backs as I remind myself to always keep going, and NEVER GIVE UP.

April 20, 2009


Q: Do all the photos get shot at Stampington headquarters?

A: Not all, but the majority. And at any given time, depending on what's being shot, our photographers have their staging areas prepared accordingly.
Q: Do you own or borrow the props used in the photos?
A: For the most part, we own our props. Occasionally, assorted staff have been known to bring in items that are perfect for a shot and therefore "on loan" for a particular shoot.

February 28, 2009


Q: Are you right-handed or left-handed?

A: I'm ambidextrous. Well, actually, I was born left-handed. But in the olden days :) when I was a child growing up in Korea, there was a huge stigma about left-handedness. So I was forced to learn to write with my right hand. I remember tears coming down my face as my left hand was literally wrapped and bound while learning to write. It felt so unnatural. Interestingly, I can do a lot of things with both hands now. Probably not a true ambidextrous person by birth, but by upbringing.
No need for boo-hoos. It really was what happened at that time period in that culture. I'm good. I like using both hands. It's actually quite marvelous. 

PS: While I'm writing this post, I'm enjoying some frickin' amazing cello music by Apocalyptica — which I was turned onto by sweet Pilar Pollack. Who knew cellists could totally rock out?! 

PS2: Adorable MOO cards by the amazing Danitawho I will talk about in a future post. (Our cover artist for the March/April 2009 issue of Somerset Studio.)

November 12, 2008


Q: Does your office really look as nice as seen in Where Women Create?
A: When I'm in the middle of lots of planning and production, it looks more like this ...
However, once production/planning mode passes, i do clean up. And when I know company's coming (like Where Women Create), I tidy up pretty good. :)

Speaking of my office, I try to display things that make me happy and motivated. Like this, which is on the top portion of my door ...
From left to right: tag by Michelle Ward, Butterfly card and collage by Rachel Emilie Jackson, embellished envelope by Anna Corba attached with embellished clothespin by Connie Govea Stuart, red dress by Lisa Guerin, another tag by Michelle Ward, cool envelope by Lisa Engelbrecht, embellished envelope by Lisa Guerin. These items of beauty make me feel love, support and protection from some of the best people I know.

July 15, 2008


Q: What kind of camera do you use?
A: For most of my shots, I use my Canon 30D.

With my 28–135mm lens ...

For wider angle shots, I use my 10–22mm lens ...

For those times when I am without my SLR, I use my trusty "point and shoot" (Canon PowerShot SD850 with Image Stabilizer) that I ALWAYS have in my purse.

There's no doubt about it. I'm a Canon Girl.
(PS: If you're going to get an SLR, I recommend taking a class to gain an understanding about how ISO, shutter speed and depth of field relate to one another. But I also highly recommend that after the class, to just dive right in and shoot, shoot, shoot. You won't learn until you take shots and play around with all the dials and buttons. Photography, I am learning, is very intuitive and cannot be mastered in a class alone.)

June 19, 2008


Q: When did you start playing the cello?
A: Since 5th grade. (So about 30 years.)

Q: Is there anything you can't do?
A: Parallel park, play sports, dance, cook well, draw, decorate/style large spaces (like rooms and houses), fix mechanical things, understand financial statements ... and SO much more.

But as one of my all-time favorite adages goes: Don't let what you CAN'T do get in the way of what you CAN do. Because if you dwell on the fact that you CAN'T do this, you might not discover that you CAN do that. And what a huge loss that would be for you and those around you ...

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