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January 27, 2017

#resistancelog (Big Mac + Marlboro edition) :: JAN 27, 2017


A criticism I saw online before the #womensmarch commenced was that the march rejected an affiliation request from an anti-choice group, causing some in the anti-choice group to argue that the march was exclusionary. And rightly so. The spirit of the march was about women's rights ... a rejection of sexual assault, and a standing up for women's reproductive health.

Does this mean anti-choice humans were banned from marching? No. It meant that the march did not accept their official affiliation. Think of it this way. If I were attending a conference that promoted clean eating, I would expect that the organizers not accept affiliations from say ... fast food chains, or cigarette companies. Does that mean a person with a Big Mac or Marlboros can't attend the conference? On the contrary.

Not all women believe the same thing. I get it. Today, with Pence addressing the anti-choice march ... I was waiting to hear him start speaking in tongues as he was advocating an overturning of Roe-v-Wade, with men AND women cheering him on.

I've never had an abortion but have had had moments in my life when my period was late, causing my heart to drop, sweat to trickle, as I screamed a deep "shit!" In those dark moments, I remember going through all the scenarios, and feeling comforted knowing that in this country, I am able to think through everything and come to my decision about my body in a legal and safe manner. The fact that I didn't have to go down that road doesn't diminish the value of that road. It's a road that prevents women from taking matters into their own hands, or the hands and wire hangers that exist not just in the recesses of our minds but in real back alleys not so far from Main Street.

I'm alarmed at how this is happening in 2017. It's maybe two, three steps away from the dystopian world that #MargaretAtwood wrote in Handmaid's Tale. A book worth reading, along with George Orwell's 1984, which is experiencing a surge of sales right now. Read em while you still can. Before they're banned, burned, and destroyed by this fascist regime that hates reading and dissent, but not as much as they hate bad ratings.

It hurts to be awake.

January 25, 2017

#resistancelog ("alternate truth" edition) :: January 25, 2017


I just love #SethMeyers and his Closer Look videos. He's so smart and so good at making connections and pointing out ironies. In one such video, he used his comedic genius to point out how ridiculous it's been to have the White House spend so much time spreading lies about stupid stuff, like attendance numbers at the inauguration. But his final point was so important, which was this: Small lies (e.g., inauguration numbers) inoculate us from the big lies (e.g., Putin, voter fraud, climate change).

Like rabbits, when we stay in a pot of boiling water for too long, we become fully cooked. Because we are living in an era where it's become un-American to criticize Putin and American to criticize American women (most notably by Indiana State Senator/Misogynist Jack Sandlin who just called participants of the Women's March as "fat women.") I mean ... it just hurts to be awake these days.

It hurts to hear that. And if I were to say regarding Sandlin, "What a misogynist pea-brain," it hurts even more to hear a fascist supporter say "you shouldn't name-call." Kill me now.

UPSIDE: I just ordered a cute "Nasty Women Unite" cropped tee and I am knitting tiny pussyhat pins for my resistance buddies. I'm gonna turn 50 in just 6 days. And my plan is to combat the hurt by participating in the biggest resistance of my lifetime fully awake and with immense artistry and style. #resist #fascism #resistance #resistwithstyle

January 24, 2017

#resistancelog :: January 24, 2017

Uke1. Twitter overwhelmed me today. Especially to learn of the continued moves by fascist-in-chief to silence scientists from talking about matters related to the environment.
2. Thanks to my FB friend-in-resistance Peggy, I wrote a letter to Senator Feinstein about why I marched in the #WomensMarch to help her gather genuine anecdotes to prepare as she goes to Judiciary Committee tomorrow to vote up or down on Senator Jeff Session's nomination to be Attorney General.
3. Cheered "hoorah" when my friend launched our little private FB group for the local OC pussy brigade.
4. Loved getting smiles and cheers of true joy from strangers who saw my cat ears and women's march tee as I was out and about. I am not alone.
5. Saw footage of a young man named Philip speaking so well in his legislator's office to defend the ACA. Which made me wonder what I'd say if I visited my legislators. Maybe I could do a little bit of performance art with my uke. Why the hell not?
6. Decided I'm going to send a postcard to Marco Rubio to let him know that he broke my heart in announcing that he's gonna vote for Tillerson after all. I really had hope in him.
#resistancelog #resist #fascism

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