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September 08, 2013

Announcing My New Stamps :: You Taste Like Birthday

I've been having a whole of of fun with my latest stamp set: You Taste Like Birthday.

Jenny Doh

It's one of my larger sets with 13 of my doodle designs ... made especially for art journaling, cardmaking, and doodling!

Jenny Doh

The rubber stamps have lots of open space in them that can be colored with markers, paints, and pencils.
Jenny Doh

So much fun to be had with these stamps. Want some? You can get them here!

Happy stamping. :)
Jenny Doh

July 08, 2013

Introducing :: Crafting Katniss Clear Stamps

I'm happy to announce my brand NEW Crafting Katniss Clear Stamps!
Been having a lot of fun playing with them ... the perfect stamps to combine with watercolors, like this Without Love card ...

Jenny Doh

rubber stamping


And here's a second card I made using the same methods of stampibng, adding watercolors, and adding text with ink and a brush: Keep Calm & Shoot Straight

Jenny DohStamp target image onto a square piece of watercolor paper with a dark inkpad.
Stamp arrow image onto a piece of torn ledger paper with a dark inkpad.

rubber stamping
Watercolor the stamped target.

ruber stamping

Add lettering with Sumi ink.

crafting katniss

Crafting Katniss stamps are available here. Happy stamping! :)

crafting katniss

October 30, 2012

Announcing :: Crochet Hemp

Announcing :: www.crochethemp.com

Of all the yarns and threads that exist in the world, my very favorite that I love to crochet and knit with is hemp yarn. I love how it looks and how it feels. But of course you know that by now. :)

Crochet Hemp

As a fiber artist who has been working with hemp yarn for years, it seemed natural and logical for me to research the highest quality premium hemp yarn available and bring it to fiber artists at a most competitive price. This process of research led me to a Romanian manufacturer of hemp yarn where they use a natural process with hemp that is grown organically and processed without chemicals in order to preserve the integrity of the precious fibers.

Crochet Hemp

Crochet HempIt is a thrill for me to introduce a brand new line of hemp yarns that we call Crochet Hemp, available at www.crochethemp.com.

Crochet Hemp

And you know me. I like to keep things simple and minimal. And that means just four delightful variations of Crochet Hemp:

  • 3-strand natural
  • 12-strand natural
  • 3-strand bleached
  • 12-strand bleached

Crochet Hemp
I'm pretty convinced that with just these four yarns, I can conquer the world. :)

I hope you'll visit www.crochethemp.com and join me in discovering the joy and beauty of the fiber arts with these exquisite yarns.

January 28, 2012

Needle Tatted Garlands in the Shop

I'm so excited to announce my newest handmade additions to my shop ... my needle-tatted garlands.

IMG_0331 I love using them to hang near my windows.

needle tatted garlandI also love cutting them up for my art.

needle tattted garland
I also love to give them as gifts.

needle tatted garland
Each garland comes in a cute little jar, and I make them either in hemp yarn or Baker's Twine.

needle tatted garland
You can find the hemp yarn garland here.
You can find the Baker's Twine garland here.


December 05, 2011

DIY Wee Gift Tags Tutorial with Wee Stamps

Cute, huh?

rubber stamping tutorialI made the tags using our newest line of stamps called Wee stamps. They're wittle and so cute.
Wee Knitting Love and Wee Mason Jar.rubber stamping tutorialThe mason jar is the same design from our standard Little Miss Mason set but sized slightly smaller so that they fit perfectly on a tag. And a cluster of cute fireflies to go with.

rubber stamping tutorial
To make the tiny heart, use a sharp craft knife to carve out a heart on the eraser of a pencil.

rubber stamping tutorialInk, and stamp.

rubber stamping tutorialTo add a pop of red to the small wand of knits, ink the stamp black and then hit the heart with the corner of a red inkpad.

Rubber stamped tags tutorial
Tags ready to use and give for this holiday season. Easy peasy.

Rubber stamped tags tutorialHappy crafting. :)

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