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August 17, 2011

Altered Sticks Tutorial for My Sweet, 16 & Passionate Girl

In honor of my Monica's 16th birthday, I altered her some sticks. So cute, right?

Altered Sticks Tutorial
I first painted the sticks with a bit of acrylic paint (Titan Buff by Golden).   Altered Sticks Tutorial Then I used my oblique pen holder and nib to add some text to the sticks. (Alternatively, you could use a fine-point black marker if you don't have an oblique pen holder.) Altered Sticks Tutorial
Then I placed a crocheted flower onto the stick and then hammered it in place with a button and a couple of teeny tiny nails.

  Altered Sticks Tutorial
Next, I added a strip of sheet music with some Mod Podge, and tied a bit of string to one end.

Altered Sticks Tutorial
Sweet Monica.
Sixteen already.
My daughter.
My confidante.
My best friend who lights up our family with her humor and love. A leader who lights up this world with her principles, her intelligence, her respect for all living creatures, and her quest to be fair and good.

Monica Mouet
On this, her birthday, she is spending most of the day and evening with her buddies at a benefit concert to raise funds and awareness for the issue that has been most important to her for the past couple of years: To end the use of child soldiers in Joseph Kony's rebel war in central Africa. She is passionate about this issue and in honor of her birthday, I am happy to share this clip made available through her charity of choice: Invisible Children. Happy birthday, Monica. Love, Mom.


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