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March 03, 2014

Free Motion Stitched Log Cabin Square

Here's a little free motion sttiched work I did on a vintage log cabin quilt square. As much as I like the way it looks on the right side ...

Photo 4

I also love the way it looks on the back side. So cool.

Photo 5And with a little metal clip, I can enjoy either side.

Photo 2


March 02, 2014

The Dress and Fox

New Painting: The Dress and Fox (and a couple of detail shots)

Photo 4

Photo 5

Photo 1

February 27, 2014

The Expensive Coat

 The expensive coat.

Photo 1

Photo 3

Photo 2

Memories of SPAM

I grew up eating lots of SPAM. It was one of those go-to food items that my mom had on hand in the new land called America that we embraced in 1974. I think it was a comforting food item for Korean immigrants like us ... something that was so American yet so universal.

SPAM was cut into slices or into chunks and pan-fried and then served with rice, seaweed, and sometimes a fried egg. Sometimes, I wrapped rice and spam with seaweed to make into small rolls. Heaven.

Yes, fat, salt, and sugar aren't healthy for you (one can contains 96 grams of fat, 1,080 calories, and 4,840 grams of sodium!) but they are delicious. :)

Photo-53By the time I got married and had children, I became a nutrition label reading person and so I haven't had SPAM since childhood nor have I ever served it for my kids.

But I still think of SPAM with such fondness. The way it smelled, the way it tasted, the way it comforted me while growing up.

IMG_7324When I look at the cans in the grocery store these days, they still warm my heart. When I hold one in my hands, it feels so nice and friendly. The curved edges and the petite size of the can make it feel like it was designed by the same team that designed my iPhone. Compact, cute, and simply dandy.

IMG_7325I've been fascinated to hear people's SPAM stories. My friend Kerri says she grew up eating it by dipping pieces into applesauce!  Others have recollected SPAM sandwiches, SPAM friend rice, breaded and deep-ried SPAM, and a SPAM salad with cheese, mayo and pickle relish that would make the rememberer gag as a little girl.



February 23, 2014

Two Foxes and a Bunny

Been painting on cardboard. Fun and freeing.
Here's one that was inspired by a late-night doodle from last night.

Photo 1Some detailed shots.

Photo 2

Photo 3And a shot from early this morning of how it all started. It was a study/exploration of how to blend colors, actually. Prussian Blue and Hansa Yellow Light.
Photo 2
Paint if you want to.
Be a fox if you want to.
Be a bunny if you want to.

February 15, 2014

Recap of Painting by Heart February 15, 2014

This is what the studio looked like at the end of the day when everyone packed up and left at the conclusion of my Painting by Heart class. Quiet and still.
It was a wonderful day of painting had by all.

IMG_6839Thought I'd share some more photos from the day to show you how the studio looked prior to this quiet.








Here's what one of my demo paintings looked like at the end of the day. Still in progress.

It is my honor to be able to have the space and time to teach this class. I love teaching it. It will be offered again next Monday (the day after tomorrow) ... and yes, if you are a last minute joiner-inner, you can hop into Monday's class here.

Otherwise, you'll need to wait until July when I'll offer it again if you want to take it. Thanks. :)

February 12, 2014


I rode the final wave of my recent birthday by celebrating with my friends Pam and Amy last night.  Conversations about art, more art, and then more art still. Conversations that could keep going on and on if we only had the time. Pam took this photo of me admiring the handlettered gift wrap she made. As I unfolded it and saw what it said, it warmed my heart. What a life season it's been these last few months.

Pam pointed out that I look deeply happy in this photo and I replied that yes, I feel that more than ever, as I feel a sense of fulfillment and peace to just go with life's flow and art's flow and ride whatever wave that comes my way. It made me recall early convos with my therapist months ago when I started with him. He had asked me what I wanted and I had told him that I wanted to feel fulfilled but not at the expense of my passion and fire for life. Even if that meant that I'd have to live with some degree of torment and melancholy.

Photo-41Going with life's flow I think involves a complete breakdown at times. Like when my brother passed this past Thanksgiving. From the moment I found out to now, I know one thing for sure. I just let myself feel it all. No holding back. Completely broken. Completely shattered.

And I allowed art to take me over with complete inhibition. Every part of me. It is truly what saved me and breathed in me a newfound strength and wisdom.

I've become less afraid of complete breakdowns. Because when it's completely so, that's when I get to see and feel what there is to see and feel and understand ... and then breathe again, deeper than before.


Brush Pen Lettering on Pink Paper

Brush pen lettering on pink paper. Nothing quite like it.



The brush pen I used for these works is the Kuretake. A great starter pen for those who want to explore brush lettering work.


February 11, 2014

Hello Bunny

Not sure where the bunny came from but all of a sudden, they seem to be everywhere.
Hello bunny.




IMG_6647And still exploring altered art within the pages of an anthro catalog. Bunnies didn't come out here though. Yet.


IMG_6646I've been using these Dermatograph pencils lately ... especially when working in catalog or magazine pages for altered art. They won't reactivate with water like the Stabilo and it just gives you this ability to make great marks on glossy pages. Thank you to Dina Wakley for turning me onto these.


February 07, 2014

Altered Madonna Cassettes

Been having some fun altering cassette tapes (remember those?). Madonna, no less. Thought I'd share how my first three turned out.





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